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Canix's Integration with Biotrack is Live

April 24, 2023
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We are excited to share the latest integration added to our platform: Biotrack. This new integration enables cannabis operators to manage their business in real-time and remain in compliance from a single platform . With this integration, users can efficiently manage their plants, harvests, reporting, and more while reducing time spent on data entry.

This integration is designed to save operators time and remove opportunity for error. The integration also means users will get more from their data, as Canix provides robust data analytics for each step in the supply chain.

Current Offered BioTrack Functionality in Canix


  • Rooms (locations): Plant Room, Inventory Room, Quarantine Room
  • Products (items)
  • Strains


  • Change plant location
  • Create plant waste


  • Other material: non-flower materials collected during the harvest process
  • Waste: waste material collected during the harvest process
  • Flower: flower material collected ruing the harvest process, entered as dry weight


  • Adjust package
  • Change package location
  • Create inventory Lot
  • Convert inventory
  • Unpack packages into plants

Canix will support the following functionalities in the very near future:

  • Create Harvests and Manicures
  • Custom Growth Phases and Package Statuses
  • Cure Harvest
  • Create Inventory Sub Lots
  • Schedule Plant Destruction
  • Schedule Package Destruction
  • Undo Scheduled Destruction
  • Package Plants
  • Create Transport Manifest and Transfer Inventory Outbound
  • Update Transport Manifest
  • Receive Incoming Inventory
  • Create Inventory Samples
  • Manufacturing Module
  • Mobile App Access

For Canix, this is yet another addition to a list of both cannabis and non-cannabis specific integration partners. Full Canix’s full integration list, visit

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