Canix Upgrades LeafLink Integration

July 12, 2022
 Min Read

Canix and LeafLink are now more integrated than ever! 

The first integration between the two platforms was launched about a year ago. With that first integration, users could import and manage LeafLink sales orders in Canix.

Now, users are able to send inventory from Canix to LeafLink. The updated integration feeds information both ways to make sure the two systems are always synced up. 

This two-directional integration means less administrative work and more accuracy for operators. Integration between Canix and LeafLink simplifies the user experience for cannabis operations. 

Benefits of integrating Canix and LeafLink:

  • Avoid overselling with more accurate inventory synced across platforms
  • Streamline operations by removing the need for manual double data entry and reducing data errors 
  • Fulfill orders quickly with automated order creation and workflows 
  • Quickly create Metrc transfer manifests 

This is one of nine integrations currently supported by Canix, in addition to the platform’s open API. 

For those already using Canix and LeafLink, learn more about using the integration by clicking here.

To learn more about the Canix platform and if it’s right for your operation, click here to schedule a discovery call. 

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