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Canix & StashStock Partnership: Streamlining Operational Efficiency in the Cannabis Industry

March 18, 2024
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StashStock and Canix have formed a strategic partnership with the goal to improve the way cannabis businesses operate. This collaboration aims to enhance operational efficiency, ensure and automate compliance, and cut down manual labor dramatically.

Leveraging ERP Tools

Canix’s ERP feature set - including inventory tracking, costing, advanced reporting, cultivation and manufacturing workflows - is enhanced and automated by connecting to StashStock’s handhelds and daily work tools. Canix is able to provide more - by harnessing the wealth of data collected by StashStock's RFID system. One of the major pain points of typical ERP systems is data entry - it’s simply time consuming to capture the correct data. By utilizing StashStock’s RFID tech to automate data capture, you can easily enter the data you need to power Canix.

Canix's ERP platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for compliance actions, inventory management, and financial analysis. By analyzing the vast amount of captured data, Canix provides businesses with valuable insights into their operations. These insights highlight areas for improvement and uncover growth opportunities, allowing businesses to make informed decisions.

Utilizing RFID Technology

At the forefront of this partnership is StashStock's RFID enabled CannaScales and CannaScanners. This innovative hardware solution allows for seamless data collection through the use of Metrc RFID tags, which enables businesses to enhance their inventory management processes significantly. The automation provided by RFID technology streamlines operations, saving valuable time and minimizing errors for precise tracking of plants, products, and transactions. Save time on every action - from plant movement or destruction to harvesting and auditing. This marks a significant leap forward in ensuring efficiency and accuracy in inventory control, while also minimizing manual data entry.

A Tailored Solution for the Cannabis Industry

StashStock and Canix have joined forces to deliver a unified solution that address the unique challenges faced by the cannabis industry. This partnership simplifies compliance with state regulations, optimizes inventory management, and enables data-driven decision-making for improved profitability and long-term success. Both Canix & StashStock work closely with Metrc, and believe compliance should be as simple and streamlined as possible. With our tailored solution, cannabis businesses can navigate the complexities of the industry with ease.

Flexibility for Your Business

We understand that every cannabis business is different. That's why StashStock and Canix offer a flexible ecosystem that can adapt to the specific challenges faced by cultivators, processors, and distributors. Our solution is designed to meet your unique requirements, helping you achieve operational excellence and overcome obstacles in your path to success. With multiple options for both software and hardware, as well as scaled pricing, our shared solution is for everyone.

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