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Canix Product Updates: September 2022

September 30, 2022
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Lock Sales Orders

The ability to lock sales orders has been added to Canix’s financial and permissions tools. This allows users to lock sales orders so that no changes can be made and most actions for the order are disabled. 

This feature is beneficial for accounting. Locking means that month-end numbers can’t be edited. When a sales order is locked, users won’t be able to edit the order, record payment, do any transfer actions, change the status, or delete the order. 


First, head to actions and select “lock orders.” This will bring up our locked order modal where you can look over the orders that will be locked and some details on them. If everything looks good, we can select “lock” and those orders will be locked. 

The status column will show the orders that are locked with a little lock symbol next to them. At this point, users will not be able to edit them. Unlocking the orders is just as easy as unlocking them. Select the sales orders that are locked, go to “Actions” and select “Unlock Orders.”

The ability to lock sales orders is a setting in user permissions, meaning you can customize who has the ability to lock and unlock sales orders. 

Watch this tool in action here. 

Package Availability Status 

The package availability feature allows users more control and insight into their packages when a package is not ready for sale. 

For example, if the package is undergoing testing or quality remediation, we can now make sure that it can’t be sold or transferred by setting the “In Progress” status. While in this status, packages can still be edited but not sold or transferred. 

If a package is marked as “Available to Sell” then it is available to be sold or transferred.

Watch this tool in action here. 

Improved Feature: Preventing Duplicate Non-Cannabis Inventory SKUs 

Canix has improved its inventory tools by introducing a safe-gaurd to prevent duplicating non-cannabis inventory SKUs. This helps to keep users' products better organized. 

If a user tries to edit the SKU into something that exists, a message will appear that it is already in use. If a product SKU is deactivated, the SKU of that deactivated product can be reused on an active product. 

Watch how it works here. 

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