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Canix Product Updates: October 2022

October 31, 2022
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Bulk Package Cuttings From Multiple Plants

For California facilities only, packages of unrooted clones can now be created in bulk from the plants table. Select one or more active plants to Package Unrooted Clones from the actions menu. This feature will be enabled for additional states shortly for those that allow packaging from mature plants.

Labor Cost of Goods Sold applied to Cannabis Inventory

Automate tracking labor COGS through task management as tasks are completed. Assign an hourly rate to users in the user management table for labor COGS to be calculated and applied to the cannabis inventory assigned to the task. For information on how COGS are applied, see step 6 of the Tasks section in this help center article.

Manufacturing Run Updates

Bill of Materials details have been added to the Edit Run Details side panel. Quickly prefill the run with the BOMs Non-Cannabis Inventory, source cannabis input placeholders, and the cannabis output package placeholders by editing the Estimated Output Quantity under Bill of Materials Details. Track the quantity originally planned to be produced with the Target Output Quantity field, if different from the BOM quantity used to prefill the run. Target Output Quantity is only used for reporting purposes and will not affect the inventory prefilled on the run.

Facility Search

Easily switch a facility by searching within the facility selector. Facility names and license numbers can be searched using the new search bar in the facility drop down.

Submission Side Panel Update

The weight of destroyed plants will now be displayed on the submission side panel in addition to the tag number, strain, and tag status when using the Destroy & Create Waste actions in Canix.

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