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Canix Product Updates November 2023

November 30, 2023
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Luke Reinemann
Junior Product Manager

Date: November 30, 2023

What's New

Canix is excited to announce the following updates:

  1. Manufacturing Batch Record PDF
  2. Lendica FundNow
  3. Bulk upload and update NCI
  4. Transfer NCI across internal facilities
  5. Sales Order PDFs

See these new features and more below!

Manufacturing Batch Record PDF

Generate PDFs of manufacturing batches for physical records and audit purposes. Inventory used per run, estimated and actual yields, and notes are logged on Batch Record PDFs generated from the manufacturing batch, or from the batch table > actions menu.

Add more information to your batch records by logging equipment usage, and monitoring values, such as temperature and PSI, as well as custom observations with Canix’s update to Manufacturing Notes. See the new options in the Notes & Attachments tab of your Run.

Lendica FundNow

Improve cash flow by speeding up collections from your customers using Lendica. Provide more competitive payment terms on sales invoices with funding from Lendica.

To learn more, and sign up to try with $10,000 in fee-free financing, select FundNow in the Sales Order table > Lendica column for Shipped orders.

Bulk Upload and Update Non-Cannabis Inventory

Uploading Non-Cannabis inventory is the first step towards tracking costs with Bills of Materials, Manufacturing and Task Management. Use the Non-Cannabis Product and Lot Uploaders to get started.

These uploaders can also be used to update existing Non-Cannabis Products & Lots. Use bulk updates to add PAR Levels, receive new inventory in bulk, or update quantities after a cycle count.

See this Help Center article and video for more information Non-Cannabis uploaders.

Transfer NCI Across Internal Facilities

Save time and improve traceability of non-cannabis inventory when centrally receiving non-cannabis products, and transporting to your other facilities. Improve visibility of non-cannabis inventory movement through Canix’s non-cannabis transfers by moving quantities from specified Lots across facilities, while accurately accounting for inventory in each location without sharing quantities across facilities.

Sales Order PDFs
Generate Sales Order PDFs from your Canix Sales Orders to confirm with your customers what is being sold before payment is requested with Canix Invoices.

Check out this video covering Canix's new Sales Order PDF feature

Check out this video covering Canix's new Sales Order PDF feature

Integration Spotlight: Confident LIMS

At Canix, we have consistently prioritized delivering robust solutions aimed at not just optimizing operational workflows for cannabis operators but also guaranteeing strict adherence to regulatory requirements. Our strong integration with Confident LIMS (formerly Confident Cannabis) plays a pivotal role in realizing this objective. Enabling this integration empowers users to automate essential compliance tasks and attain enhanced visibility into the quality and regulatory compliance status of their inventory.

Check out this blog post detailing the value gained from utilizing the Canix <> Confident LIMS integration.

More Enhancements

1. "Inactive" Delineation Added to Canix <> LeafLink Item Association Modal

  • Any inactive item will be delineated as such with "(inactive)" after its name in the Canix <> LeafLink Item Association Modal for a clear view into which items are active and which are inactive

2. Metrc State Product ID ("MXXXXXXX") and Source Production Batche(s) added to Labels

  • Both fields have been added for use in Canix custom labels.
  • State Product ID has also been added tot he package and item tables.

3. Search tags on the Non-Cannabis Usage Report

  • Use this search to audit exactly which non-cannabis inventory was applied to plants or packages

4. Dates from tables now downloaded in YYYY-MM-DD format.

  • Dates will now download in YYYY-MM-DD which is a recognized date format in Excel/Sheets. This makes it easier to work with dates after downloading data from Canix.

5. "Planted Date" column has been added to all plant views.6. Alerts for failed submissions have been added to Canix.

7. Michigan Metrc - Expiration Date on Packages for Infused Liquid (each) and Infused-Edible

  • In Michigan Metrc facilities, the Expiration Date field is required when creating packages of the item type Infused Liquid (each) or Infused-Edible to work with Metrc's update requiring this.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue with sales data not showing on the Harvest Profitability Report has been resolved.
  • When using free-text on labels, using the character "<" would break the label. This issue has been resolved and the symbol "<" can now be used when creating custom labels.
  • The "Print Labels" action can now be taken on the plants table without selecting all tags.

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