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Canix Product Updates: November 2022

November 30, 2022
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A roundup of the new and improved features rolled out in Canix during the month of November. 

Send Canix Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Online

Purchase Orders created in Canix can now be sent to QuickBooks Online. Sending your Purchase Orders (POs) to QuickBooks Online makes it easy to keep your accounting records up to date when using Canix vendor management and POs.

For both Taxes and Discounts to be sent to QuickBooks Online, an expense account with "Tax" in the name and an income account with "Discount" in the name will need to be created in QuickBooks Online. 

Default Returned Package Status

An option has been added to Facility Settings in the Facility Management section of Canix to determine the default package status when a package is marked returned on a Sales Order.

The default Package Statuses to choose from are:

  • In Quarantine
  • In Progress
  • Available to Sell

Confirmation Message When Destroying Mature Plants

A confirmation message has been added to confirm the action of destroying Vegetative or Flowering plants. This only applies when the Destroy Plants option is selected in the Destroy & Create Waste action.


Changelog Added to Navigation Bar

Learn about Canix's new feature updates from the Changelog at the top right of the Navigation Bar. When a new update hasn't been viewed yet, a red circle will appear around the Changelog icon.

The last 3 updates are listed initially with descriptions and videos for each update. Select the option for See All Changes to go to the full Changelog in Canny. From here, you can also add your product feedback to let our product team know what you would like to see next in Canix! 

In Quarantine - Package Availability Status Update

Package Statuses have been updated to include "In Quarantine" as a status option. “In Quarantine” packages will both restrict any edits to a package, as well as restrict it from being sold or transferred.

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