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Canix Product Update: February 2023

February 28, 2023
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Update to Sales Detail Report

The Sales Detail report has been updated to make sales data clearer. In the previous Sales Orders table on the report, multiple rows populated for a sales order if multiple invoices were generated for that Sales Order, or more than one payment is made on the Sales Order.

This update to the Sales Detail report will ensure that there are no Sales Order duplicates on the Sales Orders table even if multiple invoices are generated or multiple payments are made.

Columns that have been added to the Sales Order table:

  • Outstanding Balance
  • This column will show how much is owed on the Sales Order

Columns that have been removed:

  • Invoiced Date
  • Payment Date

Columns that have been changed:

  • Payment Amount
  • This column has been renamed Amount Paid and will show the total sum of all payments made on the Sales Order
A view of the sales orders report in Canix.

Two new tables have been added to the report: Payments and Invoices Generated.

New Bills of Materials Functionality [Manufacturing Only]

A new option for applying NCI is available when creating or editing Bills of Materials: "Apply materials across all output item quantities (in manufacturing only)."Use this option to have non-cannabis quantities share across output items in Manufacturing Runs, and to split individually across output items in split/combine package workflows. This can be used in cases where the same ingredient quantity is being used to create multiple outputs, like in an extraction process. Learn more in this article: Create Bills of Materials.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of how to use this feature:

Metrc Facilities Only -  Updated Destroy Plantings Submission on Web

The fields required to destroy plantings have been updated by Metrc. Canix has updated this workflow to accommodate those changes in the web app. A waste reason is now required and is automatically applied to all of the plant batches selected to destroy plantings from. Only one waste reason can be applied per submission. This update is currently being worked on for mobile app.

Label Updates

  1. Non-Cannabis Product Lot Tag
  2. Print labels for your non-cannabis inventory items from the Tags & Labels section of Canix
  3. Add a Product Barcode / Tag when receiving inventory on a Purchase Order or when adding a new lot to a non-cannabis inventory item
  4. Easily scan and select the correct lot when applying usage
  5. SKU Added to Labels
  6. Add "Item SKU" to your custom labels in Canix
  7. SKUs can be added to Items by going to Admin > Facility Data > Items
  8. SKUs make it easier to track inventory

Harvest Profitability Report Update

The Harvest Profitability Report has been updated to include additional costing and sub-type information. Understand your costs at a total level, or broken down by non-cannabis, labor, and cannabis with added COGS columns. Gather insights on yields per sub-type from A Buds to E Buds with added sub-type columns.

To be able to report on these sub-types, your sub-types have to be named "A Buds", "B Buds", "C Buds" etc. to show on the report. To create or edit sub-types, head to Admin > Facility Data > Items > Sub-Types.

"Cubic Feet" weight unit for Non-Cannabis Inventory

Cubic Feet is now an option for volume-based non-cannabis inventory items to more accurately track product usage, like substrate.

API Updates

  1. "SKU" added to GET Package and GET Packages Endpoints : GET Package and GET Packages API endpoints can now be queried by and return the Item's SKU field. The field is found within the Item object, between the "Item Name and "is_active" fields.
  2. Sq. Ft. and Number of Lights added to GET Location and GET Locations endpoints: GET Location and GET Locations API endpoints have been updated to include Sq. Ft. and Number of Lights in the response. The fields are "sqft" and "num_lights" and are found in between the "name" and "parent_location" fields.

See the updates for these four endpoints in our API documentation:

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