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Canix Product Updates April 2024

April 15, 2024
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Luke Reinemann
Junior Product Manager

Date: April 15, 2024

What's New

Canix is excited to announce the following updates:

  1. Matching Active Metrc Packages and Transfers every 10 min
  2. Cannabis Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Uploader
  3. Bill of Material Visibility in Split & Combine Package
  4. New Item Modal
  5. Updated API Documentation

See these new features and more below!

Matching Active Metrc Packages and Transfers every 10 min

Ensure you’re working with the latest inventory in Metrc with inventory updates made in Metrc available in Canix within 10 min, without manually syncing or waiting for overnight syncs. Inventory previously synced overnight, or when selecting the Refresh Metrc Data button in Canix.

Active Packages now match Metrc every 10 min as a result of improved data and statuses coming from Metrc’s new V2 API. This functionality has been automatically enabled for every Metrc facility in Canix with a valid API key. Your CSM has reached out to your company admin regarding invalid API keys so that this new functionality is enabled for all active facilities.

Cannabis COGS Uploader

Bulk upload cannabis COGS for your packages per facility with Canix's new Cannabis COGS Uploader to:

  • Adjust Cannabis COGS for month-end processes quickly with audit records for who uploaded new costs, and what records were changed
  • Quickly get started costing your production by bulk uploading cannabis COGS for initial inventory cost
  • Align your inventory's cannabis cost in Canix with the actual cost of your package for more accurate product costing

This help center article on the uploader provides a step-by-step overview of how to use the uploader, the required columns for upload, and the required permissions.

Check out this video from our product team covering the uploader in action:

This video covers Canix's Cannabis COGS Uploader

BOM Visibility in Split and Combine Package

Ensure accurate costing and inventory deduction during production and package activity with more visibility and alerts for missing non-cannabis inventory when splitting or combining packages in Canix.

Bills of Materials and Non-Cannabis Inventory automatically applied to the newly created packages are now displayed in Split and Combine package actions. A warning message will appear when submitting that the packages will be created without the missing non-cannabis inventory to confirm before submitting.

This Canix help center article covers the Non-Cannabis Inputs tab in depth, and this video from the Canix Product Team walks through the tab live!

New Item Modal

Canix's updated Cannabis Item Modal makes creating and managing items faster and easier. The modal has tabs to manage item details, standard costing, the Shop listing details if the facility has a shop enabled, and Dutchie product listing mappings if you have a Dutchie integration is enabled in the facility.

Check out this video from our product team walking through the new item modal:

Watch this video to learn more about Canix's updated Cannabis Item Modal.

Updated API Documentation

Canix's Swagger documentation has been updated to be valid within the OpenAPI specification. This allows client libraries to be generated based on our documentation, giving you a quicker start to development. Please see Swagger Codegen for details.Canix will exclusively use Swagger for API documentation going forward, please bookmark this link for future reference. You'll also find this documentation linked on the API Key Management page within the Canix app.More Enhancements

  • Sage Intacct Integration - Top Level Sessions
    • Top Level Sessions have been released for Canix's Intacct integration. If your Intacct account is configured to restrict access to the top level only, reach out to your CSM to turn this functionality on for your company.
  • CO Metrc Facilities - "Use by Date" added
    • Per Colorado's new Shelf Life requirements, Canix has added the "Use by Date" field to all packages. All package creation actions will allow for setting the Use by Date.
  • "Incoming" Package View added to Metrc and Standalone Facilities
    • Packages on Incoming Transfers that have not been accepted into the facility yet are now listed with an "Incoming" package status.
    • An "Incoming" default view has been added to the packages table for all Metrc and Standalone facilities. to show all packages with the "Incoming" status.
      This view helps prepare for inventory that will be coming into your facility soon, and more closely matches Metrc's statuses.
    • This Guide to Canix Package Statuses covers all default package statuses in Canix, including Incoming!

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