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Canix Product Update - Shared Non-Cannabis Inventory, Package Owners, 4 decimal prices and more

January 27, 2022
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Emily Wanless
Head of Product & Implementation

🎉 What's New

Share Non-Cannabis Inventory across Facilities
Facilities that share non-cannabis inventory can now manage these products and quantities in Canix across their licenses. Create or edit non-cannabis products to share with more than one facility, and any activity in those facilities will affect the same shared quantities.

Assign Package Owners
You can now assign Canix users to packages to track ownership during the inventory or sales process. Users can filter the Package Owner column for their name, and save their view to access their inventory quickly. Remove and move around columns to limit unnecessary columns in your saved view.

Unit Prices
Unit Prices on sales orders can now be entered with 4 decimals, and easily prefilled using sales price lists under Admin > Facility Data. Users can specify the number of decimals to display on unit prices in an invoice under Advanced Settings when creating an invoice. All total prices will continue to be displayed as two decimals.

Return Transfers
Generate return transfer manifests from sales orders for non-Metrc facilities to create paperwork for return transporters. Ensure an initial outgoing transfer is associated with the sales order, and at least one package is marked returned on the sales order, to access a return transfer option. Follow the steps here to create returns and return transfers in Canix.

BI Reporting Updates
We've been making weekly updates and additions to our BI reporting section. Head to Reporting to view new inventory aging tables in the Inventory Overview report, an updated CCA report for CA facilities without pricing on outgoing transfers, and a month-end report for RI facilities, to name a few. Looking for additional reporting views? Request new columns, reports or filters using the Feedback button in the navigation menu.

More Updates

  • Metrc facilities will no longer see duplicate harvests when two harvests are combined in Metrc.
  • Canix has added a new column on the Packages table to view and filter return dates for returned inventory.

🧐 In case you missed it

  • Custom Growth Phases - Customize plant stages throughout cultivation to track plant batches and plants outside of state compliance growth phases. Create new custom growth phases, like Teens or Vegetative (for CA), to track major benchmarks within the cultivation process. Learn more about Custom Growth Phases and suggested use cases here.
  • Fulfill Sales Orders with Auto Allocation - Fulfill large sales orders quickly by auto-allocating inventory using the First In, First Out method, known as FIFO. This feature will allocate packages with the earliest received date (or created date for non-received packages), and pre-splits source packages into the quantity ordered. All new packages created during the allocation process are unsubmitted and required to be reviewed and submitted by the user in order to complete the package allocation process. Learn more about Auto Allocation here.
  • Sales Order Side Panel - Quickly manage and review sales orders without opening each individual sales order. Take action on invoicing, picklists, payments, and transfers.
  • Individual Returns - Process individual package returns from sales orders without rejecting the full order, and create credit memos for accounting processes. See more details here.
  • Plant Lookback - Canix now has a Plant Lookback report that allows you to see active plant inventory on historical dates, the growth stage and location they were in. To easily generate historical inventory for state reporting and auditing, navigate to Reporting > Inventory > Point in Time Plant Table.
  • Inventory Availability - Facility column has been added to Inventory Availability, this allows users to see overall quantity of certain products or item types across facilities.
  • Pending Approvals - More detail is now available for Metrc admins to review pending submissions before approving or denying actions. The following submissions are editable in Metrc facilities: Change growth phase, harvest plants, and creating plants from mothers in CA facilities. More detail can be seen for Metrc submissions when splitting packages or packaging from harvests now.
  • Package Lookback - Package lookback reporting performance has greatly improved and is now more reliably populating for large amounts of packages.

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