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Inventory Lookback Report

September 25, 2020
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Stacey Hronowski
CEO & Co-Founder

What's New

Inventory Lookback Report

See the value and quantity of all active inventory in your facility on a historical date for accounting and auditing purposes.

Harvest Profitability Report

View yields and sales per harvest in the new harvest profitability report under Financial Reports on the web.

Report Filters

Reports now have filters displayed above the tables to easily view and delete filters. Column filters have also been updated to populate with a list of available options to filter from.

User Permissions

Limit a user's access to sales and financial reporting, as well as specify which facilities they can access. Additional user permissions will be coming soon.

Record Payments with QuickBooks Online

You can now select to record payments in QuickBooks Online once a QuickBooks invoice has been generated from Canix.

Lock Harvest Package Weight

Add multiple totes of harvested material to a single package by saving the package weight after each tote is weighed in the mobile app.

Recent Changes

  • You can now click on the navigation menu options instead of hovering over the text to access reports.
  • The Nursery forecast now deducts future orders from the available quantity. Previously this deducted quantity on the day of delivery.
  • Strains are now listed in the Inventory Availability report if associated with an item.
  • The performance for submitting offline harvests on the mobile app has greatly improved.

In case you missed it

  • Combine Packages on Web - Combine multiple packages under a new package tag under Actions in Package reporting on the web.
  • Store Customer Files - Attach multiple files to a customer in your Current Customers list to store and share documents with other team members in one place.
  • Outgoing Transfer Reporting - Outgoing transfer reporting has been updated to view transfers from all facilities in one place. Select a transfer name to view the contents and details related to the transfer, or navigate to Packages > Transferred.
  • Multi-Facility Tag Inventory - See all tags used across all facilities in Canix under Tags & Inventory on the web.

Coming Soon!

We're looking for Beta customers interested in our new Manufacturing module! Save templates for repeatable processes, create sources, outputs and waste per run, and analyze metrics around labor, processing hours and yields. Email to learn more about what this entails and if you qualify as an early user.

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