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Canix Product Update - Scheduled emails, cultivation lot IDs, expiration dates, and more!

December 17, 2021
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Emily Wanless
Senior Product Manager

🎉 What's New

Scheduled Reports
BI reports can now be emailed on a set schedule from Canix. Click the ellipses in the top right of your report to view and set schedules, recipients and format of the download. Select the Filters tab to set custom filters per schedule in order to send sales reps their personal dashboards, partners or brands their current or sold inventory, or accountants for month-end reporting. Multiple schedules can be set per report or filter configuration, and edited once created.

Combine Packages on Sales Orders
Quickly combine packages when fulling sales orders by navigating to Add Packages and selecting Combine Allocated Packages in the allocated tab. Be sure to save any unsaved changes to the sales order first, and deselect any allocated packages that shouldn't be combined initially.

Cultivation Lot IDs
Track results from seed to sale by adding a Lot ID to plant batches, plants, harvests and packages. Setting a consistent ID throughout the cultivation lifecycle will soon populate reports for activity from cultivation, to packaging and sales across facilities.

Package Expiration Dates
Add expiration dates to packages to track aging inventory in reporting. Use filters and sort columns to save custom reporting views for easier tracking of expired inventory.

Employee IDs
Add employee IDs when creating or editing a user for some states' auditing and compliance requirements. View a user's employee ID in the submissions section under Admin, and in plant waste reporting.

More Updates

  • Purchase orders can be duplicated to quickly create and edit repeat orders.
  • Invoices can now be more easily saved as a PDF or printed when viewing an invoice.
  • Our Confident Cannabis integration now populates lab test URLs on packages to generate QR codes for lab results on custom labels. To set up your integration, reach out to Confident Cannabis for a quote, and navigate to Admin > Integrations in Canix to enter your keys.
  • Invoices now summarize the total packaged quantity and count below the line items.

🧐 In case you missed it

  • Combine Packages to Create Multiple Packages
    Canix's combine packages workflow on the web now supports creating multiple new packages in one step. Specify the number of new packages and apply package details in bulk on the left, or edit packages individually by selecting the edit icon in each row on the right.
  • Sales Order Warnings
    Quickly identify potential issues by referencing new warnings while creating and fulfilling sales orders. Warnings will appear for expired customer licenses, when allocated quantities don't match the line item quantities (with the ability to quickly update your line item), and when a single package won't fulfill the full ordered quantity in Add Packages.
  • Deduct Non-Cannabis Inventory Manually
    You can now manually deduct non-cannabis inventory to log waste, adjustments or to quickly deduct products without associating cannabis inventory. Select Log New Usage within each non-cannabis product's page, the non-cannabis usage report, and from Actions on the main non-cannabis inventory page.
  • Harvest Overview
    View a snapshot of all harvest details in one place with our harvest overviews. View Detail when selecting a harvest name to see remaining harvest weight, moisture loss, packaged weight, associated tagged inventory and sales. View and edit Non-Cannabis Inventory and Labor COGS incurred throughout the cultivation and harvest process, with an activity log of cultivation activity per harvest coming soon!

🎬 Canix Youtube

You asked, we listened! Several of our customers have requested training videos. Visit our Youtube here to find videos on label printing, bulk web actions, printer set up, and more!

❓ Canix Help

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We're always adding new documentation! Check out our Help Center for step-by-step instructions in Canix.

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