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Canix Product Update - Sales Order Warnings, Combining Packages, a Harvest Dashboard and more

December 3, 2021
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Emily Wanless
Senior Product Manager

🎉 What's New

Combine Packages to Create Multiple Packages
Canix's combine packages workflow on the web now supports creating multiple new packages in one step. Specify the number of new packages and apply package details in bulk on the left, or edit packages individually by selecting the edit icon in each row on the right.

Sales Order Warnings
Quickly identify potential issues by referencing new warnings while creating and fulfilling sales orders. Warnings will appear for expired customer licenses, when allocated quantities don't match the line item quantities (with the ability to quickly update your line item), and when a single package won't fulfill the full ordered quantity in Add Packages.

Deduct Non-Cannabis Inventory Manually
You can now manually deduct non-cannabis inventory to log waste, adjustments or to quickly deduct products without associating cannabis inventory. Select Log New Usage within each non-cannabis product's page, the non-cannabis usage report, and from Actions on the main non-cannabis inventory page.

Harvest Overview
View a snapshot of all harvest details in one place with our harvest overviews. View Detail when selecting a harvest name to see remaining harvest weight, moisture loss, packaged weight, associated tagged inventory and sales. View and edit Non-Cannabis Inventory and Labor COGS incurred throughout the cultivation and harvest process, with an activity log of cultivation activity per harvest coming soon!

🧐 In case you missed it

  • New Package Overviews
    We've replaced our package information screens when selecting a package tag from the Inventory > Packages table. An updated side panel will now appear with package details and easy access for updating COGS and package notes.
  • Package Overview  - Select View Details to see a full page overview of all package details in one place, while also being able to take action on the package from this new dashboard. Select the Actions button in the top right of the new dashboard to take any packaging actions after reviewing the information in the overview.
    View information like SKU, brand, lot ID, and COGS from the details in the top left of your dashboard.
  • Quantity and source overviews can be seen in the top right of your dashboard for what quantity currently remains in the package, and what the original quantity was prior to any actions taken.
  • See all packages created from this source package, and any source packages the current package came from. Select the child or source package tags to view the full page overview for that tag.
  • View and update notes in the bottom left section of your package overview. Any changes to notes will be logged in the Activity History tab.
  • Add or edit R&D lab results, view Metrc lab results, and add COAs to your package in the bottom right section of your overview.
  • Activity History - To view an audit log of actions taken on this package in Canix, select Activity History from the side panel or the package overview page. Canix will log details of a packages activity and the users who submitted updates to COGS, package adjustments, splits and combines, and more. Any data available to prefill from historical actions are currently displayed.
  • Create Facility Data on Mobile
    Quickly create locations, items and strains on the go from Canix's mobile app. Select facility data from the home page to view or create locations, items or strains for the current facility selected. Switch facilities on the mobile app to create facility data in other licenses.
  • Customizable Picklists
    You can now choose which information to display when creating picklists to assist packaging teams when fulfilling sales orders for delivery.
  • Create Multiple Pick Lists in Bulk
    Pick lists for multiple sales orders can easily be created by selecting 1 or more rows in the Sales Order table > Actions > Create Pick Lists. A pop up will appear to print or save each pick list.
  • Gross Weight on Outgoing Transfers
    Customers in Nevada can now enter the gross weight for packages when creating Outgoing Transfers. Select the option below the departure and arrival time to enable gross weight fields on the transfer.

🎬 Canix Youtube

You asked, we listened! Several of our customers have requested training videos. Visit our Youtube here to find videos on label printing, bulk web actions, printer set up, and more!

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We're always adding new documentation! Check out our Help Center for step-by-step instructions in Canix.

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