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Automated Transfers - Standalone

October 30, 2020
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Stacey Hronowski
CEO & Co-Founder

What's New

Automated Transfers

Create transfers in one click from a sales order with transport information and route details prefilled based on the destination. Packages prices will prefill based on your selection now available under Admin > Settings.

Sold Packages Report

Track the sale price and COGS of packages sold under Financial Reporting > Sales Reporting as they are transferred from your facility. Download or filter columns to report on packages sold by destination facility or source facility.

Recent Changes

  • Active quantity is now listed in the product search when creating sales orders.
  • Sales Order statuses can now be filtered to see all orders of a certain status, or to consistently filter out statuses from your view.
  • The setting to transfer package prices from sales orders to transfers can now be selected under Admin > Settings.
  • Transfer manifest numbers are now linked under Outgoing Transfers.
  • The mobile app now loads much faster upon opening.

In case you missed it

  • Downloadable Sales Reports - You can now view and download a summary of monthly sales by item from the Financial Reports > Sales Reports Table.
  • New Table Filters - Two filter fields have been added to columns in reporting. Narrow filter options with the top Filter field to select and deselect terms. Utilize the Freeform Search field at the bottom to additionally include any items containing the term.
  • Download Current Customers List - You can now download your list of current customers as you promote them from our prospective customer database and manage these licenses through Canix.

Canix Help

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