What's new this week

Create Packages while Transferring

You can now create packages from a Sales Order to align with the order you're fulfilling. Select Add Package and click on the ellipses to the right of the package you want to create from in order to create new packages on the following screen.

Saved Price per Customer and Item

Canix now automatically populates the most recent item price when adding items to Sales Orders. If using different pricing per customer, select Load Order Data to pre-fill the pricing for any items also on the customer's previous order.

METRC Tag Inventory

See a comprehensive list of all used Metrc tags, and determine whether they've been assigned to a plant batch, plant, or package under Tags & Labels > METRC Tag Inventory. Load new METRC tags into Canix under Tags & Labels > Load METRC Tags.

💰 Canix Referral Program

Refer a friend to Canix! Until the end of May, you'll get a $200 prepaid Visa card if your referral signs up. Reach out to sales@canix.com for more details.

In case you missed it
  • New Sales Order Management - Manage invoices, record payments, and create transfers from the same Sales Order screen
  • Customized Tables and Filtering  - Choose which columns to include and exclude from your report. Filters, including date ranges, have moved to the column headers in the table.
  • License Database - Find a list of all active licenses in your state under Customers > Prospective Customers. Then promote customers to your Current Customer list for use in sales orders and transfers. This information will be updated in our database on a weekly basis.
Canix Help

Our team is here to help! Chat in-app, text or call (415) 894-9884, or email us at help@canix.com for a member of our team to help you Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PT and Saturdays 10-4pm PT.
We're always adding new documentation! Check out our Help Center for step-by-step instructions in Canix.

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