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Canix Product Update: May 2023

May 31, 2023
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New Purchase Order Payment Term: Prepayment

The addition of a new payment term called "Prepayment" on purchase orders allows users to record a payment before receiving a product. This feature is useful when payment is required before product delivery.

With the "Prepayment" payment term, users can set the payment date before the requested delivery date, providing flexibility to choose a suitable date. Additionally, users can set the requested delivery date for the future, enabling better financial planning.

Utilizing the "Prepayment" payment term can help manage finances more efficiently. This feature is beneficial for businesses that need to manage cash flow and avoid payment delays. It also helps to stay on top of payments and maintain a good relationship with suppliers.

The new "Prepayment" term provides more options for users to manage their finances and makes the purchasing process more efficient.

Items with Images in Select Metrc States

Only available in OH, MA, MD, and LA

You can now associate product, label, and packaging images with items within Canix. Any images added to items in Canix will also be associated with those items in Metrc. This can be done when creating new items or updating existing ones.

Sell Date now in the Packages Field

An “Available to Sell Date” column has been added to all package views. This column shows when a package was marked available to sell.

Biotrack Users can Create Sub-Lots and Harvests

Create Sub-Lots

Split BioTrack inventory into smaller quantities for further fulfillment or sales usage. Sub Lots can be created individually or in bulk from the Packages table.

Create Harvest

Harvest "Current" plants in Canix in bulk or individually.

Canix API Improvements

Canix’s API has updated the GETPackage and GETPackages endpoints to return child packages. This new field is "destination_packages":

Results for Delta-9 THC and Total THC were added in the test results section of the GET packages endpoint in Canix’s API.

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