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Canix Product Update: March 2023

April 3, 2023
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Attachments in Manufacturing

Canix has added the ability to add attachments in the manufacturing module. Easily keep track of important production records like quality assessments, machine data, and lab results all in one place. Attachments can be added on both batches and runs.Check out the video below from our product team covering the feature in action.

Creating Canix Sales Order from LeafLink Order Update

All Active and Inactive Canix Items are now available to be associated with a LeafLink Item when creating a Canix Sales Order from a LeafLink order. These can be found in the "Item" dropdown on the Select Canix Item modal.Inactive items be from packages received on incoming transfers but are not items that were created in Admin > Facility Data > Items.

API Updates

Updated_At to all endpoints

All Canix API endpoints have been updated to include "updated_at" in the response. Here are a few examples of the logic:

  1. Packages - when a package was last updated
  2. Sales Orders - when a sales order was last updated
  3. Items - when an Item was last updated

Check out our API documentation to see all of our endpoints: Canix API

Non-Cannabis-Inventory Standard Cost to NCI endpoints

GET NonCannabisProducts and GET NonCannabisProduct endpoints can now be queried by and return the standard cost of the NCI. The field is found after the new "updated_at" field and contains the following fields:

  1. id
  2. standard_cost_amount
  3. standard_cost_currency
  4. start_date
  5. end_date

See the updates for these two endpoints in our API documentation

  1. GET NonCannabisProducts
  2. GET NonCannabisProduct

"All" Packages Table View Update

The default "All" view on Canix's Packages table has been updated to include four additional columns to help track your inventory through the sales and transfer process.

The new columns are:

  • Sales Order (hyperlink)
  • Manifest Number
  • Transfer (hyperlink)
  • Date Transferred

All four of these columns are filterable.

Check out this quick video below from the Canix product team covering this update: "All" Packages View Update.

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