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Auto Fulfill Sales Orders

March 19, 2021
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Stacey Hronowski
CEO & Co-Founder

What's New

Auto Fulfill Sales Orders

Auto-Allocate packages allows you to add packages to all items on your sales order with one button click. Select auto allocate packages, and review the pre-generated packages before submitting.

Unsubmitted Harvests on Web

Edit, download and delete unsubmitted harvests, all on the web! Click on a harvest name to edit plant weights or submit your harvests. You can select one or multiple harvests to download a CSV before submitting your harvest.

10x Speed Improvement for Loading Tables

Canix is now lightening fast! We made significant infrastructure improvements and now all tables load 10x faster on the web.

New Quickbooks Online Functionality

Reduce the need to access your Quickbooks Online account with new functionality in Canix's Quickbooks Online integration. You can now create new Quickbooks customers and assign cultivation taxes as a line item on invoices. Show package details to determine which Quickbooks item to select, or to add them as a description on your invoice.

Custom Label Fields

New auto-generated fields are available to customize your labels. You can now choose whether to display the prefix for fields, make multiple copies of a tag, and display THC, CBD and CBN, even if tests returned 0%.

For more information on customizing your labels, view our help center here.

Manufacturing Yields

You can now see yields calculated from tracked sources and outputs per batch. To add our Processing module to your license, contact your sales rep or for details.

Canix Beta Spotlight

Create an online shop for customers to access your live inventory and available quantities. Customize listings with item names, descriptions, and images, and allow customers to place sales orders directly from your shop.

If interested in receiving early access to this Beta feature, fill out a quick form here.

Canix Beta Program

We're working on some great features and want your input! Canix's Beta program provides your team exclusive early access to new features, while giving our team valuable feedback on how it works for your operations. If interested in receiving access to a Beta feature, fill out a quick form here.

More information on the program and Beta features can be found here.

In case you missed it

  • Custom Labels - Save label templates and generate custom labels with auto-generated fields under Tags & Labels > Custom. Follow these steps for help on customizing labels and connecting your printer.

    We also support Stover agricultural labels! Follow the instructions here to set up your Stover printer.
  • Print Labels from Reporting - Select one package or plant tag in reporting and navigate to Actions > Print Label in reporting to auto-populate a custom label.
  • Restrict Sales Order Permissions - Navigate to User Management to now restrict sales representative's views to their sales orders and current customers only. A user must be assigned as the sales rep in order to include an order or customer in their account view if this option is enabled.
  • Non-Cannabis Inventory in Sales Orders - Add products to Inventory > Non-Cannabis in order to now sell items, like t-shirts or batteries, on sales orders. You can search for these items in the same product search as your cannabis items, but taxes won't be applied to them.
  • Finish Harvests on Web - All aspects of harvesting can now be done on the web with the ability to finish harvests on the web. Select multiple active harvests and select Finish Harvests under Actions.
  • Create and Destroy Plants on Web - Creating waste and destroying plants in bulk is now on the web to easily generate a waste CSV for Metrc. For a refresher on how to upload Metrc waste, follow these steps in our help center.

Canix Youtube

You asked, we listened! Several of our customers have requested training videos. Visit our Youtube here to find videos on label printing, bulk web actions, printer set up, and more!

Canix Help

Our team is here to help! Chat in-app, call (415) 894-9884, or email us at for a member of our team to help you Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PT and Saturdays 10-4pm PT.

We're always adding new documentation! Check out our Help Center for step-by-step instructions in Canix.

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