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Canix Product Update: June 2023

July 3, 2023
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New Features

Task Management

Canix has introduced a new Task Management feature that is tailored to simplify workflows for cannabis cultivators, distributors, and manufacturers. This platform provides a range of benefits including efficient task scheduling, streamlined productivity tracking, and seamless integration of cost of goods sold (COGS) application. In addition, the feature offers centralized workflow management, enhanced collaboration, real-time visibility, cost analysis, and improved efficiency. With Canix's Task Management, cannabis businesses can optimize productivity, streamline operations, and drive growth and profitability.

Production Costs Report

Keep track of costs over a period of time with Canix's new Production Costs report. This report monitors both cannabis and non-cannabis expenses, as well as labor costs. In addition, the Production Costs Report can assist in keeping track of overhead expenditures. To do this, create a Non-Cannabis Inventory Item for the overhead expense you want to track, such as rent. Ensure that the category includes the word "overhead" in the name, and the costs will be monitored and displayed in this report.

Lendica Integration

Canix and Lendica have partnered to provide cannabis operators with flexible working capital to improve cash flow. With Lendica, users can delay PO payments for up to 10 weeks and receive instant payments on sales orders. This partnership allows businesses to manage their cash flow more efficiently and offers Canix customers a new financing option.

BioTrack Facilities - Cure Harvest

Canix now lets BioTrack facilities complete the entire cultivation process in one platform, with a new feature for curing harvests. This feature lets users cure plants in bulk, making the process more efficient. To use this feature, select one or more plants from the Drying plants view and begin the curing process. Once a plant is fully cured, it can be found in the Fully Cured plants section. This lets users easily track progress and manage cultivation efficiently, optimizing productivity and streamlining operations.

Improved Features

Custom Invoices

Canix's Custom Invoices feature allows for a more personalized invoicing experience. With Custom Invoices, users have the flexibility to choose how inventory is organized on invoices, remove any unnecessary fields, and pull more data from sales orders onto invoices. This feature streamlines invoicing and makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their sales and inventory. By tailoring invoices to meet the unique needs of their business, users can save time and increase efficiency. Whether it's adding custom branding or organizing inventory in a specific way, Custom Invoices gives businesses the flexibility to create invoices that work best for them.

Item SKU Added to Point in Time Inventory Table

Canix has recently added the Item SKU to the Point in Time Inventory Table. This feature allows you to reference the current SKU of a package at a specific point in time. By using this column, you can easily track and manage your inventory and ensure that you have the right products available at all times. This feature is designed for cannabis cultivators, distributors, and manufacturers who need to keep track of their inventory accurately.

Sales Order Column Added to Package Views

A new Sales Order column has been added to the Active, Transferred, and Allocated Package default views for all facilities. This update allows users to easily view and access their sales orders from these package views. The sales orders listed in the column are hyperlinked to their corresponding sales orders, providing a quick and seamless way to access more information. This feature is especially helpful for cannabis businesses who need to keep track of their sales orders and package status. This improvement will make it easier for user to optimize productivity, streamline operations, and drive growth and profitability.

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