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Custom Labels Metrc

February 23, 2021
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Stacey Hronowski
CEO & Co-Founder

What's New

Custom Labels

Save label templates and generate custom labels with auto-generated fields under Tags & Labels > Custom. Follow these steps for help on customizing labels and connecting your printer.

Sales Order Additions

Sales orders now have new capabilities, including payment terms, prefilled payment dates, pick lists, online invoices and custom order IDs. To auto-save updates to sales orders, navigate to My Settings in the navigation menu.

Mark Packages Available for Sale

Determine which packages should be marked available for sale and view these assigned quantities in Inventory Availability. Canix will automatically mark packages as Available for Sale once a testpassed result is received in Metrc, or you can disable this feature under Admin > Facility Management

Finish Harvests on the Web

All aspects of harvesting can now be done on the web with the ability to finish harvests on the web. Select multiple active harvests and select Finish Harvests under Actions.

Create and Destroy Plants on Web

Creating waste and destroying plants in bulk is now on the web to easily generate a waste CSV for Metrc. For a refresher on how to upload Metrc waste, follow these steps in our help center.

Canix Beta Program

We're working on some great features and want your input! Canix's Beta program provides your team exclusive early access to new features, while giving our team valuable feedback on how it works for your operations. If interested in receiving access to a Beta feature, reach out to Emily with the features you would like to provide feedback on -

More information on the program and Beta features can be found here.

In case you missed it

  • Cultivation Notes - Notes can be set in multiple places throughout cultivation to track observations, events or notes for future batches. You can find these now on plant batches, plants, harvests, and strains.
  • User Permission Groups - Restrict user access and views with new custom permission groups. Pro Tip: Don't want your users to be overwhelmed by areas of the product they don't need to see? Select No Access in permission groups to hide an area from the navigation menu (Plants, Harvests, etc).
  • Non-Cannabis Recipes now have the ability to select more than one Metrc item.

Canix Help

Our team is here to help! Chat in-app, call (415) 894-9884, or email us at for a member of our team to help you Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PT and Saturdays 10-4pm PT.

We're always adding new documentation! Check out our Help Center for step-by-step instructions in Canix.

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