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Canix Product Update - August 12th

August 12, 2021
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🎉 What's New

Saved Views
Saved views allow you to save report filters, column sorting and displayed column settings to quickly access the same view in the future. Saved views are only visible by the user who created it and can be viewed in any facility. To learn more, check out our help center article here.

Sales Price Lists
Easily pre fill sales orders with a customer's assigned pricing using Canix's new sales price lists. Navigate to Facility Data > Sales Price Lists to save multiple price lists for wholesale, retail, tiered pricing, and more. Assign price lists to customers while editing a price list, or from the current customers page.

Mobile Sales Orders
View and create sales orders from Canix's mobile app by navigating to the new Sales tab at the bottom of your phone. Add existing current customers and view active inventory to quickly create sales orders and send invoice links from your phone.

Non-Cannabis Recall Report
Track the usage of non-cannabis materials and the inventory produced with each Lot for recall purposes. Select a non-cannabis inventory item to view usage details and to access a filtered usage recall report, or navigate to Non-Cannabis > Usage Report for all non-cannabis usage.

Linked Inventory Availability
Keep track of open orders and active inventory quantities by selecting item names from the Inventory Availability report in Canix. Use the different tabs on the side panel to view currently active packaged quantities, active orders containing that item, and orders with active packages allocated to them.

Environmental Controls (paid feature)
Canix has released integrations with TrolMaster and GrowLink for environmental sensor reporting in Canix. As Canix collects data by plant location, you will also soon be able to view historical environmental trends throughout the cultivation process when viewing plant inventory and harvest yields. Contact your CSM or your Canix Sales Rep to add environmental control integrations to your current subscription.

To request an integration with your environmental control system, submit feedback in the bottom of your navigation menu for our team to consider for future integrations.

Canix API
You can now pull sales information with Canix's updated API under Admin > API. Take a look at the API documentation for available endpoints and instructions.

Purchase Orders
Create and manage purchase orders through Canix to request and receive non-cannabis inventory. New non-cannabis inventory lots will be created automatically when received through purchase orders, and cannabis products will have COGS populated when allocated to a purchase order.

Create Sales Orders from Inventory Availability
You can now easily create a new sales order with line items generated from the inventory availability report. Select the checkboxes next to the items sold and select Actions > Create Sales Order to pre fill a sales order with the products sold.

Assign Existing Transfers
You now have the ability to assign an existing transfer to a sales order if created separately from the order. Select Assign Transfer to either create a new transfer, or search for an existing transfer to associate with the order for your records.

Plant Waste Details
Flowering and Vegetative plants that incurred waste can be viewed by selecting the plant count for each waste submission. Download the waste CSV for your records or to submit to Metrc by using the download icon to the right of the Waste Details panel.

More Updates:

  • THCA and CBDA have been added to the custom label generated field options.
  • Quickbooks input selections have increased in size to show more text when selecting a customer or item.
  • Warning messages can now be seen when you select the option for Testing Package when creating a new package. When this is selected, the full quantity of this package will be required to go to a lab, even if split into other packages.
  • Sales orders now pre fill the sales representative field with the user who created the order.
  • The ability to refresh the next available tag generated by Canix is available when creating new packages. Select the refresh icon to see the latest available tag if multiple users are creating packages at the same time.
  • Manufacturing batches can now be archived to keep a clean list of current and future batches in production.
  • Additional filters and columns have been added to BI reporting. Looking for a different filter or column? Submit your feedback at the bottom of Canix's navigation menu in the Feedback section.
  • Manage your subcategories with the ability to now delete unwanted subcategories and apply subcategories to items in bulk.
  • Items can now be assigned brands in bulk by selecting one or more facility data > items and choosing the brand from Actions.
  • Customer ID has been added as a column in your current customer list.

🧐 In case you missed it

  • Canix Storefront - We're excited to release our Storefront feature to create listings in a public-facing shop that can be shared with customers, or accessed by your sales team. Available inventory quantities are automatically updated and sales orders are generated when orders are placed from the storefront. Follow these steps to create and share your shop. Provide your feedback and requests for new functionality in your shop through our Feedback portal in your navigation menu.
  • COGS Reporting - Cost of Goods Sold reporting can be found under Reporting > Accounting to track Cannabis, Non-Cannabis, and soon-to-be released Labor COGS. Check out this Help Center article for more information on how to track COGS on your packages.
  • Partially Unpack Plants - Packages of plantings can now be partially unpacked into a new plant batch. Unpack one or more packages of plantings under Active Packages and select a row to edit the number of plantings in the new batch.
  • Non-Cannabis Lots and Vendors - You can now track non-cannabis products by Received Date, Lot and Vendor as you create or edit products in Canix. Add Vendors under Admin > Facility Data and click on existing products under Inventory > Non-Cannabis > Inventory to add new Lots and quantities.
  • Sales Order Table Columns - New columns have been added to the Sales Orders > Active table for easier reporting on Credits or Discounts, and total Cultivation Taxes per order.

🎬 Canix Youtube

You asked, we listened! Several of our customers have requested training videos. Visit our Youtube here to find videos on label printing, bulk web actions, printer set up, and more!

Canix Help❓

Our team is here to help! Select Need Help in the bottom right of your screen to create a ticket, call (415) 894-9884, or email us at for a member of our team to help you Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PT and Weekends 10-4pm PT.

We're always adding new documentation! Check out our Help Center for step-by-step instructions in Canix.

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