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April 12, 2021
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At Canix, we're proud to support you through this transition and ensure that you maintain compliance throughout this period and beyond. We are currently serving hundreds of customers in Metrc states, who utilize Canix to do so much more than just compliance. Canix covers functionality that Metrc doesn't provide such as invoicing, accounting integrations, label creation, reporting, task management, Bluetooth scale integration, and more!

Before integrating your Canix + Metrc accounts, you must have completed all the steps detailed in our Preparing for Metrc guide.

You're ready for the next steps detailed in this article if you have already completed the following, in order:

  1. Attended a required Metrc training.
  2. Requested online access for Metrc.
  3. Requested Metrc plant tags and package tags.
  4. Logged into Metrc and logged receipt of requested Metrc tags ("received" them).
  5. Finished auditing your entire current inventory to ensure everything is accurate in Canix.


Canix + Metrc Integration Onboarding

To make sure your transition to being fully Metrc compliant is as easy and intuitive as possible, the team at Canix is excited to introduce our comprehensive Metrc Onboarding feature, which will walk you through uploading your beginning inventory to your Metrc account - from right within Canix!

Daily Webinars: Sign up here to join us!

  • Every day Monday through Friday at 4 pm CT.

We are holding daily webinars throughout April to help with your transition and answer questions. This process will allow Canix to upload your active Plant Batches, Plants, and Packages inventory, as well as your Locations, Items, and Strains.

  • After receiving your tags from Metrc, move on to the last step and follow our inventory upload process here.
  • Note: You will need to complete the full upload process to begin using Canix reporting again.

Check out the video below for a sneak preview of what our internal Canix-Metrc onboarding process looks like!

Subscribe to our Youtube channel as we release updates to this process and new webinar recordings for getting started with Metrc.

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