Canix Introduces New Logo Reflecting its Commitment to the Industry

March 6, 2023
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Today we're excited to introduce Canix’s new logo. This change is part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand and our continued growth with the cannabis industry. 

This is not a change just for the sake of change. In every company’s timeline there comes a moment when we need to reflect. We need to look closer at who we are, what we do and why we do it. Then communicate that to the world. Logos are a way for companies to communicate themselves.

We decided that our previous logo no longer reflected who Canix is. 

Our preceding logo was created in 2020. At the time, it represented a clean, modern player in the cannabis tech space. Now, the industry requires so much more.

Our new logo is modern, playful and optimistic. It reflects our commitment to providing a foundation for the industry’s future. We have designed it to be balanced and approachable, the same way we design our product. 

"We are thrilled to introduce our new logo that reflects our evolution and growth as a company," said Stacey Hronowski, CEO and Co-Founder of Canix. "Our new logo represents the holistic nature of the effort it takes to thrive in the cannabis space, and we're excited to showcase it as a symbol of our commitment to our clients and partners.”

We are proud of everything we’ve accomplished in the company’s 4 years of existence. In just 2022, we accomplished a lot: 

  • Raised $10M in Series A Funding
  • Expanded to 23 States 
  • Signed two MSO customers 
  • Launched in Europe
  • Hired New Leadership
  • Grew the team by 20% 
  • Introduced a new Manufacturing Module
  • Added a Comprehensive API
  • And more! 

This new logo is intended to celebrate the work we have accomplished and distinguish the new horizon for the cannabis industry. 

"We believe that the new logo will help us stand out in a competitive market, increase brand recognition, and build stronger connections with our customers," said Madison Bunce, the Director of Marketing at Canix. "We are confident that it will become a symbol of quality, reliability, and innovation for years to come."

Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other visuals around Canix aligning around this new logo: on the website, in advertising, and in the product. It’s still us. We’re still Canix. But more consistent and, we hope, more instantly recognizable.

About Canix

Canix, established in 2019, was founded in San Francisco, California, and is the leading cannabis ERP platform known for integrating data from across the supply chain to enable more efficient workflows and lucrative operations. Canix, with a team of less than 50 employees, has raised more than $14M in capital over its lifetime, including a $10M Series A in 2022. The company serves 250+ plant-touching operators across 23 states and 6 countries. Canix was the first, and only, cannabis company to win at Techcrunch Disrupt in 2020, following its launch from YCombinator in 2019. 

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