Canix Hires New Vice President of Engineering

September 27, 2022
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San Francisco, September 27 – Canix, a California-based cannabis ERP software company, is excited to announce the hiring of a new Vice President of Engineering. Eric Van Egmond brings more than fifteen years of experience in developing and implementing software solutions and will help guide Canix's efforts to provide users with best-in-class technology services in the cannabis industry.

“Product has been the core of Canix, and having the right leadership is critical. We’re thrilled to have Eric join our team, who’s a rare blend of talent, thoughtfulness, and empathy,” said Stacey Hronowski, CEO and co-founder of Canix. 

A headshot of Eric Van Egmond.

As VPE, Eric Van Egmond will lead the Canix team in its efforts to develop the best cannabis ERP on the market.

Eric Van Egmond is a skilled engineer, leader and business owner. He is well-versed in the software development life cycle, with over 15 years of experience working as a leader and engineer at companies such as Pearson, Carta, and Vouch. Eric’s experience will help Canix grow by providing leadership for our engineering team as we continue to develop the best cannabis ERP. 

Canix is proud to have hired such a skilled leader with a proven track record of success. Eric has extensive experience building high-functioning teams, and has been recognized for his engineering skills.

Canix was founded in 2019 as an answer to the lack of reliable systems available for cannabis businesses at the time. Seeing an opportunity to provide a solution, the company was founded by Stacey Hronowski in YCombinator. The software went on to win TechCrunch Disrupt in 2020. 

Canix's tech team is made up of former engineers from Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon Web Services, and more, who had worked on some of the most widely used products in those companies. 

Canix is excited about this important addition to the team and can't wait to see what Eric does in his role as VPE. They're confident that he'll be a great fit at Canix and will help them continue their mission of providing the highest level of customer service possible.

Canix raised $10 million in a Series A funding round earlier this year. The funding is being used to expand Canix's engineering team and continue developing its platform. 

Canix has grown rapidly in recent years, adding more than 300 customers across 15 states and 6 countries. In addition to its impressive growth numbers, the company has also developed an innovative new technology that is poised to revolutionize how cannabis operators are managing and using their data. 

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