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Canix and Metrc Connect: A Powerful Integration for Cannabis Compliance and Inventory Management

July 10, 2023
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In May 2023, Metrc, the cannabis track-and-trace system, launched a new service called Metrc Connect. This service improves the integration experience for third-party software providers like Canix. Canix is the first and only integrator with access to Metrc Connect, and we are excited to offer our customers the benefits of this new service.

With Metrc Connect, users can now receive real-time inventory updates from Metrc, utilize new integration points, and enjoy improved performance, stability, and data consistency. Keep reading to discover more about how Metrc Connect functions and assists Canix in addressing inventory management obstacles that cannabis businesses encounter when using Metrc's v1 API service.

How Metrc Connect Works

Metrc Connect is a webhooks service that sends real-time notifications to integrators whenever there is a change in inventory data. A webhook is a way for an application to share real-time information with other applications. For example, when a package is created, updated, or deleted in Metrc, Metrc Connect quickly notifies Canix with the package information. Canix uses this information to update its records and sync with Metrc accordingly.

Metrc Connect provides 26 additional data endpoints not available in Metrc's v1 API service. These endpoints can be found in Metrc documentation here, and include:

  • Restore harvested plants back to flowering
  • In Transit package statuses for packages on in-progress transfers
  • Mark packages as donations or trade samples
  • Require lab tests for testing packages
  • Delete packages
  • Create plant batch and plant waste without requiring a CSV upload
  • Change plant batch or plant tag or strain

Canix will implement the most frequently used endpoints throughout the rest of this year to continue improving the customer experience, keeping them in Canix to save time and reduce manual effort. Previously, these actions had to be performed directly in Metrc.

How Canix Uses Metrc Connect

Canix is currently the only integrator with access to Metrc Connect, which we use to provide our customers with an exceptional cannabis software solution. By leveraging Metrc Connect, we are able to offer our customers:

  • Canix is integrating with Metrc Connect's webhooks service to receive real-time inventory updates for plant, harvest, package, and transfer inventory. We are building support for each of these inventory areas to stay in sync with Metrc and expand the data points that Canix can access to infer inventory statuses. This will ensure that our customers have accurate and up-to-date inventory information in both systems.
  • Metrc Connect offers improved performance, stability, and data consistency through its simplified and enhanced API endpoints. This reduces network traffic and latency for each request. By automatically updating inventory with the most recent records, Canix avoids data inconsistencies and discrepancies between different sources of data. This results in improved performance, stability, and data consistency for Canix's integration with Metrc.
  • New data integration points: Canix will use Metrc's 26 new data endpoints, including the most requested endpoints, such as waste and trade samples, by the end of 2023. Canix's advanced user management and permissions give customers the necessary controls and restrictions to expand workflows and processes that previously had to be done in Metrc and can now be done through Canix.

How Metrc Connect Helps with Inventory Challenges

Metrc Connect addresses inventory management challenges commonly faced by cannabis businesses. It uses Metrc's v1 API service to do this. Some of these challenges include:

  • Data Latency: When using Metrc's v1 API service, integrators must check with Metrc for any changes to inventory data periodically. This means that there may be a delay between when a change occurs in Metrc and when it is reflected in the integrator's system. Metrc Connect's webhooks service solves this by providing real-time notifications about changes in inventory data. This means that Canix customers can see updates to Metrc inventory within minutes of a change, such as inventory received from an incoming transfer.
  • Data inconsistency: Integrators using Metrc's API service need to make multiple requests to different endpoints to get all the information about inventory. This can lead to inconsistencies or discrepancies between different sources of data. For example, a package may have a different status or quantity in the package endpoint and the transfer endpoint. The integrator must determine the correct information to display. Canix can now access an In Transit package status to confirm transfers, and real-time data updates make it easier to assess status changes.


Metrc Connect is a new service that enhances integration for third-party software providers like Canix. It offers real-time inventory updates from Metrc, additional data endpoints, and improved performance, stability, and data consistency. Canix is currently the only integrator with access to Metrc Connect. We use this new service to provide our customers with the best cannabis software solution available. With Metrc Connect, our customers enjoy faster, more accurate inventory data and additional data integration points to simplify workflows. Contact us today for a free demo if you're interested in learning more about Canix and how it can benefit your cannabis business.

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