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Canix Adds More Granular User Permissions

July 20, 2022
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Madison Bunce
Director of Marketing

In its most recent update, Canix introduced an entirely new way to manage user permissions within the platform.

Now, Canix User Permissions allow admins to assign granular permissions to users. This can limit actions and visibility for some users. The feature is designed give users only the permissions they need and protect data within the platform for administrative roles.

A cannabis business can manage permissions by section or action using the expand and collapse row functionality. Admin Users have the ability to grant users edit access to keep existing full access to pages and actions, view access to view reporting and inventory details without the ability to take action on inventory, or no access to remove actions or pages from a user’s access altogether.

The biggest advantage of this functionality is the reliable ability to calculate COGS. Cannabis companies can now have a full understanding of their operation without reveling potentially sensitive information to employees.

Below is an overview of the Canix features that can be limited or removed for each user.

Plants: The Plants permissions provide access to plant batch and plant management in Canix. Since the platform is first and foremost an ERP tool, it’s critical to keep this data accurate. Some operators will limit data input into the platform to just a handful of people.

Harvests: The Harvests permissions provide access to harvest creation and management in Canix. Users may select “View Access” for the Harvests row to allow users access to harvest inventory details without providing access to submit any actions or changes to harvest inventory. This primarily impacts cultivators who are looking to limit user permissions in their cannabis operation.

Inventory: The Inventory permissions provide access to non-cannabis and cannabis packaged inventory management in Canix. This includes both cannabis inventory tracking and non-cannabis inventory tracking.

Sales: The Sales permissions provide access to Invoicing, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Outgoing Transfer management in Canix. Users with sales permissions are ideally the same employees that have access to financial information in Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, or other accounting software solutions.

Manufacturing: The Manufacturing permissions provide access to manufacturing batch management in Canix.

Task Management: The Task Management permissions provide access to create and manage all tasks, templates and workflows. The automation available in this feature makes it a great solution for streamlining business processes. Typically managers will have permission to use task management.

Reporting: The Reporting permissions provide access to Canix’s reporting section. Since the platform is used heavily as a compliance software to manage reporting to Metrc, reporting is key to remaining compliant.

Forecasting: The Forecasting and Planning permissions provide access to forecast settings, and forecast reporting.

Tags & Labels: The Tags & Labels permissions provide access to create labels and label templates for plant batch, plant and package inventory.

Admin: The Admin permissions provide access to important settings for a facility, including billing details, facility management, integrations, user management, and facility data.

Labor Costs: The Labor Costs permissions provide access to managing and viewing labor hours and hourly costs associated with users. When you use Canix as a management software, calculating labor costs can be key to improving revenue for your business.

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