Canix 2023: Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Innovation

January 10, 2024
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Nicole Ziegler
Chief of Staff

Date: January 10, 2024

"As we turn the page on another remarkable year at Canix, I, as the CEO, want to express my deepest gratitude. To our dedicated team, whose relentless hard work has shaped our success, and to our loyal customers, who trust us to support their ventures, thank you. Our journey is driven by core values that emphasize innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, values that have been pivotal in navigating the dynamic landscape of the cannabis industry." - Stacey Hronowski, CEO and Co-Founder of Canix

Year in Review: Key Achievements

2023 has been a year of significant milestones for Canix, marked by our expansion into new states and a surge in our customer base. Michigan, New York, and California experienced substantial growth, with Michigan becoming our largest customer base. Our active user count has increased by an impressive 46% year-over-year. We proudly added over 80 new customer companies, including a major 9-state rollout with a top Multi-State Operator (MSO).

Our efforts in New York, assisting operators with their applications, have had a particularly meaningful impact, highlighting our commitment to industry support.

"We have used Canix at our production facility for just over a year and have to say we love it. Canix is easy to use and speeds up a lot of daily tasks. There is also great support when you have a question or need assistance. Our sales department loves it and would highly recommend it to any other licensed and regulated production facility." - Alex C., Sales Director

Feature Spotlights

In 2023, we introduced several significant features, including:

  • Metrc Connect: As the exclusive integrator, this feature has been a game-changer for streamlining data and daily workflows.
  • Production Planning: Streamlining cultivation and processing.
  • Task Management: Enhancing team coordination and efficiency.
  • User Permissions: Offering customizable access controls.
  • Intermediary Packages: Simplifying product lifecycle management.
  • Biotrack Integration: Expanding compatibility and user options.
  • Dutchie Integration: Facilitating seamless retail experiences.

These features, along with improvements in usability and customizability on sales invoices and packaging statuses, have been designed to match real-life workflows and anticipate future challenges in the cannabis industry.

Behind the Scenes

Canix, a fully remote company, has focused on building a strong product-driven culture. In 2023, we significantly expanded our engineering team, adding 3 critical engineers, and enhanced our customer support with a new customer support system, an implementation manager, and a Customer Success operator. Our vibrant culture is evident in our team, which now consists of 35 members spread across numerous states and countries.

New hires include:

  • Cari Denhardt, SMB Lead
  • Sasha Bacca, Implementation Manager
  • V Morris, Software Engineer
  • Rodrigo Navarro, Software Engineer
  • Dustin McBride, Software Engineer


This year, under the leadership of our new Partnerships Manager, Areeb Jamil, we forged key partnerships with companies like Outlaw, Armanino, Stashstock, Cova, and Dutchie. These strategic alliances are pivotal to our growth, enhancing our offerings, and reinforcing our commitment to the industry.

Community and Industry Engagement

Canix has actively engaged in community and industry events, including hosting our own events where we connected suppliers and purchasers. We have attended and sponsored events like Benzinga Miami & Chicago, NECANN, LuckyLeaf, and MJBizCon 2023, among others, contributing to and learning from industry experts.

Looking Ahead to 2024

"Canix originally started in compliance, then moved to inventory tracking. At this point, we believe the industry's biggest need is greater costing precision and control." - Stacey Hronowski, CEO and Co-Founder of Canix

Our focus for 2024 is on enhancing product quality and predictability. Key areas of development will include:

  • Bills of Materials
  • Non-Cannabis Inventory Management
  • Labor Costing
  • Improvements to our Metrc integration
  • Introduction of robust reporting and data tools

As we step into another exciting year, we remain dedicated to innovation, customer satisfaction, and supporting the hardworking professionals in the cannabis industry.

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