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California Testing Requirements

October 22, 2020
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All cannabis products in California must be tested according to state requirements to be sold in dispensaries as of July 1st, 2018. The distribution process in California levee's this responsibility on companies with distribution licenses. The product testing is analyzing the amount of pesticides, cannabinoids, impurities, heavy metals, moisture, potency and other contaminants. Here is the legislation on testing requirements by the BCC - California Code of Regulations - Title 16 Division 42

Maximum Batch Size

Batch sizes are dictated by the product type you are testing and the BCC has set forth specific requirements for both flower and manufactured product. With the maximum batch size for harvested product being 50 lbs. Cannabis testing requires .35% of every batch to be collected for testing. Here are the applicable regulations:

(a) The sampler shall obtain a representative sample from each pre packed or unpacked harvest batch. The representative sample must weigh 0.35% of the total harvest batch weight.

(b) A sampler may collect greater than 0.35% of a pre packed or unpacked harvest batch if necessary to perform the required testing or to ensure that the samples obtained are representative.

(c) The pre packed or unpacked harvest batch from which a sample is obtained shall weigh no more than 50.0 pounds. Laboratory analyses of a sample collected from a harvest batch weighing more than 50.0 pounds shall be deemed invalid and the harvest batch from which the sample was obtained may not be released for retail sale.(d) When the sampler obtains a representative sample from an unpacked harvest batch, the sampler shall do all the following:

(1) Collect the number of increments relative to the unpacked harvest batch size as listed in the following table;

(2) Obtain increments from random and varying locations of the unpacked harvest batch, both vertically and horizontally. To the extent practicable, the increments obtained from an unpacked harvest batch shall be of equal weight; and

(3) To the extent practicable, collect an equal number of increments from each container if the unpacked harvest batch is stored in multiple containers.

For manufactured goods testing requirements are measured in units. This includes vape cartridges, oils, edibles, tinctures, capsules, and any other product containing Marijuana.

If you have any additional questions regarding testing requirements, feel free to reach out directly to us and a member of our team can help you understand the applicable rules for your license type.

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