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California Licenses Unable to Create Plants Without a Source after June 1st

May 20, 2020
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Beginning June 1, all California licenses will need to create plants from either a mother plant tag or source package tag. 

This marks the end of legitimizing noncompliant inventory in Metrc and the latest move by California to curb untracked inventory throughout the supply chain.

See excerpt from Metrc’s bulletin below:

  • Licensees will be unable to create a new immature plant batch without a source plant or source package.

After June 1, all plants must come from one of the three sources below: 

  1. Packages transferred from external sources (ie. clones or seed stock)
  2. Packages transferred from internal sources (ie. seed stock)
  3. Internal cloning from plant batches or vegetative plants moved to the flowering phase.

If you do have unsourced plants or seed stock, it needs to be tagged by the last deadline of June 1st. Otherwise, you will need to contact Metrc or the CDFA for special inventory exemptions.

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