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Updated BioTrack Changes in New York and Florida: A Brief for Cannabis Operators

March 14, 2024
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In a significant update for the cannabis industry in Florida and New York, changes to state regulations regarding BioTrack THC have prompted a flurry of inquiries from concerned operators. With this article, Canix will clarify its role in ensuring compliance and seamless integration for its clients amid these regulatory adjustments.

The Critical Role of BioTrack in Regulatory Compliance

BioTrack THC is central to the cannabis regulatory framework in 11 states, including Florida and New York. However, the implementation and requirements of BioTrack THC vary significantly from state to state, affecting how cannabis operators report inventory and comply with regulations. Canix's expertise in navigating these differences is key to operators seeking to understand and adapt to the distinct requirements in each state.

Integration Timelines and the Path Forward

The timeline for BioTrack THC integration poses a new challenge for operators. In New York, the state is in the midst of "User Acceptance Testing" for BioTrack's API, with full integration expected soon. Operators will then have a 60-day window to comply with inventory tracking requirements. Florida, on the other hand, demands that operators include their third-party integrator in their license application, a step Canix is well-prepared to assist with, thanks to the early release of API documentation.

Flexibility in System Usage and Licensing

A crucial aspect of the recent updates is the flexibility in system usage. In both Florida and New York, operators are not bound to use BioTrack Commercial exclusively. Canix offers a versatile and compliant alternative, providing comprehensive ERP solutions that not only meet state regulatory demands but also enhance operational efficiency.

Canix: At the Forefront of Compliance in Florida and New York

Canix has established itself as a pivotal player in the cannabis sector of both Florida and New York, catering to dozens of customers and awaiting the green light for numerous prospective clients in New York. The company emphasizes its commitment to seamless integration with BioTrack THC, ensuring that its operations and those of its clients remain within the bounds of state regulations.

For those seeking further information or assistance with Canix and BioTrack integration, the company's support team is ready to provide the necessary guidance and support, ensuring a smooth transition to these new regulatory requirements. Please contact with any questions.

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