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Nursery Features & Transfer Updates

April 18, 2020
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Emily Wanless
Head of Product & Implementation

What's new this week!

Clone Forecast
Forecast the number of clones ready for sale to better predict and manage your future inventory.

Customize forecast settings with mortality rates, plant stages, and cut maximums. For access to these Nursery reports,

Save Package Prices on Transfers
By default, packages added to a transfer from a sales order do not have prices duplicated onto the transfer. Select this box when editing a transfer from the sales order to save package prices.

In case you missed it

  • Strains, Items and Locations - Add and edit strains, items and locations in Canix to be submitted to Metrc.
  • Facility Overview - See an overview of your plant count and stages across each facility in the Facility Overview report under the Home menu item.
  • Non-Cannabis Inventory - You can now track non-cannabis inventory items, like cartridges, packaging, and ingredients. Create Recipes to automatically deduct these items when creating a Metrc package. Reach out to if interested in accessing this report.


Performance on the mobile app has significantly improved when logging in or changing facilities.
Editing and creating strains, items and rooms have been improved.

Canix Help

We're offering free online Metrc audits to highlight areas that might trigger an alert in a Metrc investigation. Send an email to  to sign up for your audit!

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