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5 Metrc Tips for Oklahoma Cannabis Cultivators

April 12, 2022
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The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) announced two years ago that Metrc would become the official compliance platform for cannabis cultivation in the state. The transition deadline is quickly approaching.

According to the OMMA website, “all seeds, plants and products must be tagged and tracked in Metrc no later than May 26, except for dispensaries, or transporters and waste facilities transporting or disposing of a dispensary's untagged products.”

Why Metrc?

For OMMA, Metrc provides traceability through the cannabis industry supply chain. They can follow cannabis from the hands of growers through the final point-of-sale. However, this change is requiring cannabis business to adjust their workflows.

Here are five tips for Oklahoma Cannabis Cultivators to be successful with Metrc:

Register for Metrc Training

There is a mandatory “Metrc New Business” training class for every business owner or operator with a commercial license. You can not receive credentials for Metrc until you have completed this class so it’s important to sign up for Metrc Training as soon as possible and ensure your entire team is trained. We also recommend registering your staff for the optional classes offered for the Metrc system.

Automate Your Reporting

Use a Seed-to-sale tracking software such as Canix to automate Metrc reporting and stay compliant. There are other benefits to a seed-to-sale tracking system, such as real-time inventory management and cultivation forecasting. One you have a Metrc account, you can use Canix’s API to report to OMMA easily and accurately.

Order Extra Plant Tags

Be sure to order extra plant and plant batch tags. Our rule of thumb is to order enough for you entire plant and package inventory plus at least 3-6 months worth so you don’t run out as it will 100% halt your ability to report. Metrc’s track-and-trace system relies on two main components: online software and physical rfid Metrc tags.

Physically Audit Your Inventory

We recommend that you grab a pen and a clipboard for this one. Walk around your facility and physically document all of your marijuana plants, each strain within your facility and if they are immature, vegetative, or flowering. Use this information to cross check your count in Canix. It’s important that you document the correct beginning inventory in your facility and sometimes a pen and paper approach goes a long way.

Digitally Audit Your Inventory

Check that your current Canix packages and item types correspond correctly with Metrc packages and item types. Sometimes there can be small differences in the naming of items that interfere with reporting. This goes for both cannabis and non-cannabis products.

Metrc compliance can be intimidating at first, but taking just a bit of time to prepare can make a huge difference. If you’re a licensed operator in the state of Oklahoma, Canix can help you be Metrc-compliant and improve your businesses bottom line.

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