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Preparing for Metrc

As Oklahoma prepares to launch the new track-and-trace program, Metrc, we here at Canix want you to know that we've got your back!

We’re holding weekly webinars and recordings will be available on our Youtube page. Below are some FAQs to get you started.

Metrc Preparedness Checklist

Are you prepared for the transition to Metrc? Use this checklist to get you and your team ready:

  • Stay up to date by subscribing to Canix’s Youtube page for Metrc webinar recordings and upcoming training videos.
  • Audit Active inventory counts for plants and packages. Destroy or deactivate any inventory no longer Active in your facility.

Before April 30, 2021:

  • Email Metrc support for your Metrc login. For email instructions, see here.
  • Attend a Required Metrc training.
  • Log into Metrc within 24 hours of receiving your credentials.
  • Order Tags on the Metrc Platform.
  • Review the Canix + Metrc Onboarding Guide here.
  • Use Canix’s Metrc uploader to upload all of your information to Metrc:

How do I port over my data to Metrc?

Canix is committed to helping make your transition to Metrc as seamless as possible, that's why were one of the only seed-to-sale systems offering FREE data upload to Metrc. We will help you get all your existing inventory into Metrc, and teach you how to tag and label your materials within Metrc’s requirements. An email will be sent towards the end of March to prepare your Canix account for upload.

How do I get trained on Metrc’s system and requirements?

Metrc requires that you take their training program in order to receive your license. Canix will step in after you and your entire team have taken their pre-requisite trainings. We will offer weekly webinars to train you and your staff on how to use Canix to complete various compliance processes starting 3/1.

Sign up for Metrc’s webinar trainings before Mar 26th here (click the Sign up for Training button on the right).

What should I expect this change to cost?

Canix is willing to work with you in your first year of transitioning to Metrc. We understand that Metrc brings on an additional cost to your business - but there are many features in Canix that you will be missing out on by letting us go (for example, Sales Orders, Task Management and Live Inventory). As such, we want you to make the most of your business and are available to discuss your contract.

Can I talk to someone about all of this?

Our team is available and happy to help throughout your transition. Email our support team at help@canix.com, submit a ticket, or call 415-894-9884 to ask any questions. We’ll also have weekly Metrc webinars starting 3/1 - keep an eye out in your email and Canix account for registrations.