Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority was established in 2018 as the controlling board for medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma. This program dictates a number of regulations for license holders with cultivation, processing, or transportation licenses. These requirements regarding seed-to-sale are outlined as below:

OMMA Information

310:681-5-6. Section (d):

Inventory. Each research facility and education facility shall use the seed-to-sale tracking system established by the Department or a seed-to-sale tracking system that integrates with the Department established system at the time of its implementation. The system utilized by each licensee shall be a system that:

(1) Documents the chain of custody of all medical marijuana and medical marijuana products, including every transaction with another licensee, patient, or caregiver;

(2) Establishes ongoing inventory controls and procedures for the conduct of inventory reviews and comprehensive inventories of medical marijuana and medical marijuana products for traceability which shall enable the licensee to detect any diversion, theft, or loss in a timely manner;

(3) Identifies and allows for tracking and documentation of the entire life span of a licensee's stock of medical marijuana and medical marijuana products, including, at a minimum:

(A) when medical marijuana seeds are planted;
(B) when medical marijuana plants are harvested and/or destroyed;
(C) when medical marijuana is transported, sold, stolen, diverted, or lost; 34
(D) a complete inventory of all medical marijuana; seeds; plant tissue; clones; usable marijuana; trim; leaves; other plant matter; and medical marijuana products;
(E) all samples sent to a testing laboratory or used for internal quality testing or other purposes;

(4) In event of a serious adverse event or recall, is capable of tracking medical marijuana or medical marijuana product from a patient back to the source of the medical marijuana or medical marijuana product; and
(5) Tracks medical marijuana using an assigned batch number and bar code.

Q: Does Canix Send Metrc Monthly Reporting

Canix does not currently send information to OMMA. However, Canix provides OMMA reporting software to help generate the report you can submit to the state. Canix will serve as your state mandated seed-to-sale system that meets the above requirements. You can then easily copy the information from your OMMA report on Canix and submit to OMMA every month.

Q: Does Oklahoma have an official state system?

Oklahoma has not selected a state-wide tracking system and allows individual license holders to select their seed-to-sale system.

Q: What am I required to put on my monthly report?

You can access the OMMA monthly reporting system - here - which can change periodically. If you have any questions on what to submit, feel free to give us a call and we can guide you on the process. For official responses, we recommend contacting OMMA directly via email - OMMACompliance@ok.gov

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