Question: How do I get trained on Metrc’s system and requirements?

Metrc requires that you take their training program in order to receive your license. Canix will step in after you and your entire team have taken their pre-requisite trainings. Sign up for Metrc’s webinar trainings here.

Question: What do I do with inventory formerly uploaded to METRC?

Answer: If you have continued using Canix the entire time after disconnecting from Metrc, then your Canix inventory should be accurate. In order to use our uploader from Canix to Metrc, your Metrc account needs to be 100% empty. These means deleting all Packages, all Plants, and all Facility Data (Items, Strains, Locations) out of Metrc to ensure it is fully blank and you are able to use our uploader.

Question: Is there a limit to the size of a package?

Answer: There is no limit to the size of a Package, only to the total number of Packages that you can upload during initial onboarding. If you have many Packages that use the same Item Type or portion size, we would recommend combining those together to use a single tag, and then going ahead to split them off into individual Packages at the time of sale.

Question: What is all of my harvest and plants are already listed in Canix and Metrc?

Answer: If your Canix and Metrc is linked via an API key (you’ll see “Refresh Metrc Data” in the bottom left of your account) then you are all set and don’t need to do anything else.

Question: Can I talk to someone about all of this?

Our team is available and happy to help throughout your transition. Email our support team at help@canix.com, submit a ticket, or call 415-894-9884 to ask any questions.