Vertically Integrated
Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Distribution
40,000 Sq. Ft.
Indoor Canopy
Desert Hot Springs, CA
Colin Hood
General Manager


●  AmericannMade sought to unify their compliance workflows and reporting from multiple departments into a single platform.
●  They had a goal of decreasing harvest time and increasing accuracy of harvest weight capture.
●  With Canix they found a compliance partner to help them create industry best practices for their workflows and compile data into unified reporting.
●  Canix was able to build customized workflows and reporting for AmericannMade staff to help them better understand the profitability of their operation.

A lot of our employees were separated in google sheets in their own decentralized platforms. With Canix, we’ve been able to bring the activities together from our Nurseries, Harvest Rooms, to Distribution. Canix has been a godsend in term of saving time.

Colin Hood
General Manager


Founded in 2018 and headquartered in San Jacinto, California, Americannmade is a large, vertically integrated operator that encompasses three entities: San Jacinto Management, RBC, and Top Hat Derby. Americannmade produces the blockbuster brand "Hotbox", which throughout the industry is known for its top-notch quality and consistency.


As a large, vertically integrated operator with three entities and licenses, Americannmade needed a robust ERP system to support their workforce. Americannmade needed reporting across a large number of licenses, while also being able to segment its company into individual entities. They sought an ERP that would allow them to automate compliance and enable in-depth reporting for their harvests that would allow them to optimize their operation.


Americannmade evaluated the market and selected Canix due to its customization, harvest optimization capabilities, and in-depth reporting. Americannmade also sought to work with a cannabis software provider that would provide sophisticated account management. They were excited about Canix's unique hardware integrations, including its bluetooth scale integration, and its powerful reporting capabilities.

Canix BI Integration

As a sophisticated operator, Americannmade closely tracks each harvest's production and sales data to ensure that they are optimizing their operation. Prior to Canix, Americannmade utilized a manual excel sheet, and would individually input data from transfer manifests and Metrc packages to manually track this information. With Canix all of this reporting was compiled into robust BI reports.

Canix Sales and Transfer Module

Americannmade utilizes Leaflink to accept orders from retailers for its hotbox products. Prior to Canix, the sales team at Americannmade would need to manually create each order from Leaflink in a separate invoice, and then create a separate Metrc manifest from each order. Canix's Leaflink integration allows Americannmade to directly pull in all invoices to the Canix system. It offers a one-click package creation allowing all packages to be allocated to the sales order. Moreover, Canix offers a one-click transfer creation process, that allows manifests to be created directly from each invoice.

Canix Bluetooth Scale

Prior to utilizing Canix, Americannmade was individually writing down weights for each one of the plants in each facility. Canix's unique Bluetooth Scale integration allowed Americannmade to send weights automatically from the scale to the phone, and detect plant tags automatically.

Being able to work directly with the leadership at Canix and have them come to our facility has been huge for us. We haven’t been able to get this level of customer service anywhere else.

Colin Hood
General Manager

A Better Future Together

By partnering with Canix, AmericannMade is able to utilize best in class software to run their business while having the ability to modify the roadmap in ways that benefit both companies. By using a software solution like Canix with such strong development talent, an ERP doesn’t have to be rigid software that only causes more data entry. Canix approached each client like a partnership and plans around maintaining the relationship for many years to come by creating the best solution for the organization.