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Inventory management ERP
Inventory Management
About this feature
Track cannabis inventory through the supply chain and access essential inventory reports. View quantities, costs, usage and purchase of non-cannabis inventory such as planters, papers, manufacturing ingredients, and other related materials. Use recipes for packages and processing workflows to automatically update inventory levels.
ERP Compliance
About this feature
Metrc integration is foundational to Canix ERP and our bi-directional data sync is the best in the industry. Canix simplifies, automates, and validates Information Metrc data uploaded from Canix.
ERP Purchase order and invoicing
Invoicing & Purchase Orders
About this feature
Generate and record invoices for your sales orders. Send these invoices through multiple channels including directly to customers via email or web link or directly to accounting systems through our integrations. Create and track purchase orders for both cannabis and non-cannabis inventory to manage your vendor relationships. Automatically pull in LeafLink orders into Canix for processing through our integration.
ERP Inventory Availability
Live Inventory
About this feature
Use our software to display cannabis products available to your customer with a checkout and ordering system for bulk orders from your distribution or retail partners.
Task Management ERP
Task Management
About this feature
Use Canix to track your employee tasks across the organization with time estimations to develop a complete COGS.
RFID Integration
About this feature
Use RFID scanners to increase the speed of harvesting by 75% with our bluetooth scale integration.
ERP Bill Reporting
Business Intelligence Reporting
About this feature
Use custom charts and graphs to track and analyze large data sets and filter specific reports to access multiple facilities.
ERP Yield Tracking
Yield Tracking
About this feature
Understand processing and manufacturing yields percentages. Develop yield trends to identify performance across different departments to develop better forecasting abilities.
ERP Cultivating forecast
Cultivation Forecasting
About this feature
Forecast your cuttings and clones with our nursery forecasting tools to see what available product you have for sale. Start forecasting production trends based on yields and expectations. Determine how much inventory you need to produce for revenue and profit targets.
ERP COGS Reports
Labor Costing
About this feature
Track labor costs across the organization through. Use the ability for macro level labor assignment or through granular task management.
Open API
About this feature
We have an open API for external integrations as needed. Our API documentation is located here
ERP Storefront
About this feature
Create a shopping cart experience for customers purchasing bulk orders directly from available inventory.
Offline enabled mobile
Offline-Enabled Mobile App
About this feature
Input compliance data offline and sync everything once connected to a network.

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"Canix is always updating its features to be more intuitive and easy to use. For example, harvesting and destroying waste is limiting with METRC alone, but a breeze with Canix."

Adam B

Packaging Specialist/Sales Coordinator

"I love the User Interface, and how for the most part it leads you through each step, if there is something that proves challenging, help is only a phone call away. Seriously they pick up right away and have ALWAYS had a quick solution."

Courtney O

Director of Sales

"Canix is easy to use and highly functional. It offers a realistic and practical compliance solution that is relevant to the nature of the cannabis industry. It could stop there, but it doesn't. They are constantly incorporating more useful features."

Danielle V

Grofanity Farms
Insight-DrIven Reporting

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