What's new this week

Record Payments

Improvements to Sales Orders now allow for recording payments and calculating outstanding balances. Edit the Sales Order to record payments and see a summary of payments towards your order.

Improved Reporting
Plant Reporting

Flowering plants are split into reports based on their status of Tracked, Harvested or Destroyed. Clicking on Flowering lets you see the statuses in one report, or hover over the menu item to pick a filtered report.

Package Reporting

Packages are broken out to reflect statuses of Active, Unallocated to Sales Orders, Shipped, and Finished to better track your packages from harvest to delivery. Hover over the menu item to choose a filtered report.

In case you missed it
  • RFID Integration - Connect an RFID wand via bluetooth to speed up your operation
  • Metrc Submission Logs - We'll continue to submit to Metrc for 4 hours if Metrc is experiencing delays or downtime. Check the logs in the menu of the app for succeeded and failed submissions
  • Bluetooth Scale Integration - Connect a bluetooth-enabled scale to Canix to harvest automatically
  • Strain YieldSummary - See a high-level overview of your most profitable strains
  • Updated Sales Orders​ - We've redesigned sales orders to add items faster and calculate cultivation taxes automatically
  • User Management - Add and edit users in your account under the Admin menu on the web dashboard

We've made updates to align with Metrc's label change from Rooms to Locations

Canix Help

We're offering free online Metrc audits to highlight areas that might trigger an alert in a Metrc investigation. Send an email to Stacey@getcanix.com to sign up for your audit!

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