What's New

New Mobile Menu

You can now access the new mobile app menu from any page by selecting the facility name at the top of your screen. Contact support, refresh data, and view submissions at any point now.


Finish Packages on Web

Finish packages on the web by selecting empty packages and Finish Packages under Actions.

Company-Wide Reporting

Reports on the web are now populated with information from all facilities with the report filtered for the facility selected. Company-wide reports are available for plant batches, vegetative plants, flowering plants, harvests, and packages.

Harvest Count

The number of times a flowering plant has been harvested is tracked in a new column in reporting on the web. This tracks when a plant is on a manicure submitted through the mobile app.


  • Users can now change their email preferences and user information under Admin on the web. Navigate to this page to deselect the "Receive Email Updates" option rather than unsubscribing to all Canix emails.
  • The mobile app now shows the last 5 numbers of the previous plant tag harvested when using auto-harvest
  • Users are now able to change the Company Name displayed on their invoice under Facility Management > Invoicing Name. (Note: you must be an Admin to make changes to this field)
  • Bulk harvesting on the web has been updated to process harvests over 3K plants much faster

In case you missed it

  • Package Plantings on Web -  Multi-select or filter for plant batches to create packages from an immature plant count.
  • Detailed Sales Reporting - New columns have been added to Package reporting on the web. Download or filter the Packages > Transferred report to track quantity transferred by date, receiving facility, source facility and item.
  • Plant Batch Notes - Add notes to your plant batches on the web to track internal numbering schemes, schedules, observations and more in reporting.

Coming Soon!

  • Leaflink Integration
  • Source package price in package reporting to track initial COGS

Canix Help

The OMMA reporting deadline is coming up on Aug 15! Email help@canix.com if wanting to schedule a time to review your account and reports before the deadline.

Our team is here to help! Chat in-app, call (415) 894-9884, or email us at help@canix.com for a member of our team to help you Monday-Friday 8am-8pm CT and Saturdays 12-6pm CT.
We're always adding new documentation! Check out our Help Center for step-by-step instructions in Canix.

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