Rooms (Metrc Manual)

A room is designed to be a physical location to identify where plants are located in a particular growth phase. The room does not necessarily need to be a room but may also be a location within a given room. As an example, if an OPC/Producer is small and only has one room it may classify multiple areas of a room such as "Row 1, Row 2, Row 3". An additional example, a large OPC/Producer that may have a large room holding several phases of plants of the same strain may choose to use "Veg Room Section 1, Veg Room Section 2, Veg Room Section 3" to provide a specific location for a group of plants of the same strain in a different phase in a single room. As one final example, a group of plants may change phases in the same room and the room continues to change phase making the room and the plants track together up and through the harvest phase. In this case, a room can almost act as a batch. When setting up your rooms, it will be important to keep in mind the ability to move plants by room and phase. The Rooms function provides an easy way to move plants in large volumes and the room feature can assist in minimizing the efforts in these moves. Rooms can be added, deleted or edited very easily and as often as desired.

  1. Add Rooms button. To add a room simply select the add rooms and a new window will open. 
  2. Edit Rooms button. Your room name can be any "location" name that you would like to utilize. 
  3. Room Name List. This list will show you all of the rooms currently located in your Metrc system. 
  4. Discontinue button. Use this button to permanently remove a room from your list. 

The following graphics show two concept layouts of how rooms could be laid out in Metrc to work with the Changes by room function.

In figure 1, we have a scenario where a single room houses multiple strains of vegging plants. In figure 2, we have two strains in two different phases. In Metrc, we would use the add / edit rooms feature and create  the rooms to match. It is permissible in Metrc to create rooms to match a facilities operations. 

For more information on how to utilize this process, see the moving plants section.    

  Add Rooms

  1. Name field. Name field will allow you to add a name to the room. This can be any name, location or sub location you choose. For example, "Veg Room Section 1"  "Veg Room Section 2" etc. 
  2. (clear) button. By selecting this button you will clear the data entered in the "Name" Field
  3. Add button. When creating rooms you can add multiple rooms at one time. 
  4. Create Rooms button. Select this button when you are finished and ready to create the room. 
  5. Cancel button. Use this button to cancel a new entry before selecting the "Create Rooms" button.  

Edit Rooms

  1. Edit Room. Denotes the room you are editing. 
  2. (clear)button. When you see a clear button, you can clear the room entry and begin again.
  3. Room. The drop down menu will allow you to select the room you would like to edit.
  4. Name. Name field is where you can edit the name field associated with the room. 
  5. Cancel button. You may select the cancel button to exit the screen without saving any changes.
  6. Save Rooms button. You select the Save Rooms button to save changes and edits.  The room information will be updated.

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