Updating METRC API keys for Users and Facilities

After generating your API key in Metrc, you can add this key to users or your facilities in Canix on the web app.

First check that the correct permissions are available with these steps.

Updating Facility API keys

Must be an Admin in Canix

  • Navigate to the Integrations page - https://app.canix.com/integrations
  • Input the facility's API key in the box "Paster your API key here..."
  • Select the facility, or facilities, you wish to update
  • Click "Update Selected Facilities"
Update Facility API Key

Updating User API keys

Must be an Admin in Canix to update keys

All submissions from Canix will appear as the user who generated the API key from Metrc.

You can track the Canix user who submitted these requests under Admin > Metrc Submissions > All. To reflect submissions in Metrc as the user who submitted it from Canix, rather than the default, you can assign each user their Metrc API key from their Metrc account to their Canix user.

Edit User API Key

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