How to Replace Plant Tags (Metrc)

Replace Plants Tag - Flowering

*Metrc Clients*

In the event that an ID tag has become lost or misplaced a tag can be replaced providing a new ID number for that plant. The following form needs to be completed. 

  • Select the Plant ID number from the drop down, for the plant tag you wish to replace (original ID).
  • Select the next available NEW plant tag ID number from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the date you are replacing the plant tag with a new tag.
  • Once all fields are complete, select Replace Tags button to save the entries and assign the new plant tag number to the plant.  (Note: The old plant id number is no longer valid.)

Pro Tips:
  • Replacing a tag should be a rare event
  • When you replace a tag that tag will no longer be shown in your system. 

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