Creating Harvests (Mobile - Metrc)

During harvest, the state requires cultivators to submit the wet weight of each individual plant in a harvest. The following steps walk through creating a harvest on Canix's mobile app.

Before you start:

  • Unsubmitted Harvests and Manicures - List of Harvests or Manicures in progress, but have not been submitted to Metrc yet
  • Plant weight is the “wet weight” of the plant(s) when cut.  The weight includes stem, stalk, leaves, and flower.

In the Mobile App:

  • Select Harvests > Create Harvest
  • Enter Harvest Name - A best practice is to name this with the Strain Name - Harvest Date. Each harvest should have a unique name.
  • Enter the Drying Room
  • Select or search for the Strain Note: All plants must be from the same strain although can be from different plant batches
  • Select a Weight Unit
  • Enter Harvest Date - Note: You can continue to add to and edit unsubmitted harvests at any time
  • Select Add Harvest Contents
  • Select the Red circle with a white plus sign to begin adding plants to the harvest
  • Select the option to Type or Scan barcodes. Select Auto-Harvest if using a supported bluetooth scale and see this article.
  • Enter Plant Weight - Note: this is the plant's wet weight with all stems, leaves, etc as those will be entered as Harvest Waste after the harvest is created
  • Continue adding harvested plants until all is complete by selecting Add Plants and Scan Another. Once the last plant is entered, select Add Single Plant to return to the Harvest Summary before submitting to Metrc.
  • Select Submit Harvest to Metrc. This will submit all of your harvest data, syncing your data with Metrc. This is no longer editable after being submitted.

The next step in the process will be Create Harvest Waste

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