Create a Package from a Package (Mobile - Metrc)

The following steps walk through creating a package from a source package on Canix's mobile app. If the new package's Item will differ from the source package, create the new item on the web following these steps if it does not already exist. Load unused tag inventory to utilize a feature that will populate the next available tag.

In the Mobile App:
  • Navigate to Package > Create Single Package > Create From: Package
  • Enter package details for the new package:
    • Scan an unused package tag or select Use Next Available Tag if preloaded Metrc tags
    • Search for the new package Item
    • Select a Room (optional)
    • Enter Package Date
    • Toggle Testing Package? on if the resulting package is being sent to a testing facility
    • Toggle Production Batch? on if wanting to use the freeform text field below to track Plant Batch or other package information
  • Once filled out (this is editable on the next screen), select + Add Package Contents
  • To add to this package from a source package, select the white plus sign in the red circle in the bottom right corner

  • Scan or enter the last 4 of the source package tag
  • Enter the packaged weight for the new package and the weight unit
  • Enter a pulled weight if the weight being removed from the source package differs from the new package. An example would be using 1g of Flower to create a differing quantity of oil in the resulting package.

  • Select Move Package Contents at the bottom to add to the new package and review before submitting to Metrc
  • Once the resulting package summary looks correct, select Submit Package to METRC

To see the new packages in your active inventory, navigate to Packages > Package Summary on the mobile app, or Inventory > Packages > Active on the web.

To check the status of your submission to Metrc if you received an error, go back to the menu and select Metrc Submissions.

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