Create a Package while Invoicing

Create Packages while Invoicing

The following steps walk through creating packages from existing package inventory when creating or editing Sales Orders for invoicing. By the end of these steps, you will have created packages from a master package that align with the quantities sold on your invoice.

  • Create or edit a Sales Order
  • Add an item by searching for the product. If the product you're searchign for is not listed, you'll need to create a new item under Admin > Facility Data > Items
  • Once the item has been added to the sales order, select Add Package below the line item
  • Find the package you want to create packages from in the list of All Packages and click on the ellipses to the right of that package
  • Select Split Package
    Split Package from Sales Order
  • Fill in the inputs on the next screen
    • Enter the next available package tag, the number of packages you want to create, the package item (Note: this can be seen below the source package as well), packaged date, and package quantity and unit
  • Scroll down to select Generate Packages
    Generate Package - Split Package

Note: Error messages will appear in the top right of your screen (i.e. a tag in your sequence has already been used). If errors that tags have been used appear, use the x as shown in the screenshot below to remove that package tag. Create a single package using the inputs on the left to generate another package with an available tag for submission.

  • Continue to create packages of different quantities if needed by filling out the inputs on the left and generating packages to add to the packages created on the right
  • Click Submit to create the list of packages

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