Create Harvest (Mobile - Non-Metrc)

Creating a Harvest In Canix

One of the trickier state requirements comes during the harvesting phase. During harvest, the state asks that cultivators keep track of (1) each individual plant that was harvested and (2) the weight of all plants in a harvest (often referred to as the “wet weight”). 


  • Selecting Harvest from the mobile app takes you to the display where you see: 
  • Harvest Summary - Active Harvests.  Shows the list of completed Harvests
  • Unsubmitted Harvests and Manicures - List of Harvests in progress, but have not been submitted to Canix as being finished
  • Quick Actions - Create Harvest and Create Harvest Waste.  This article focuses on Creating a Harvest.
  • Plant weight is the “wet weight” of the plant(s) when cut.  The weight includes stem, stalk, leaf, and flower.

Steps: From the Mobile Application

  • Select Harvests > Quick Actions > Create Harvest

  • Enter Harvest Name: This is the area where you will add the strain and date of the harvest. Each harvest has to have a unique name.

  • Enter Drying Room- This is the room that you will use to dry your harvest.

  • Enter Strain - Each harvest must only contain plants from one specific strain.

  • Select Weight Unit -This drop down menu will allow you to choose your unit of measurement.

  • Enter Harvest Date -This is the date you are starting the harvest.

  • Select -> Add Harvest Contents (This will save the information for the harvest and take to the next step where you will enter your plant and weight information.

  • Select the RED circle with WHITE plus

  • Select plants to add.

Type or Scan barcodes.  Canix also supports bluetooth integrated scales. For more information on Bluetooth Scales, click here.

Enter Plant Weight- This is where you will add the wet weight of each individual plant that you enter.

Continue adding harvested plants until all is complete ( Here you can add additional plants, or go back and add more plants at a later time, if needed)

Select Submit Harvest to Canix. This cannot be undone.

At this point, you have successfuly created a harvest in Canix. The next step in this process would be to create harvest waste, reporting all of the waste accumulated during the harvest phase.

Next Step in the process will be to Create Harvest Waste .

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