Creating Multiple Packages Template (Metrc Manual)

The example shown in Exhibit 26 demonstrates that when New Package #2 is added to the New Packages form, the Template is activated.  The values entered in the Template are propagated to both New Package #1 and New Package #2 when the Apply button is selected for a particular field.  The Quantity of the new packages is not included in the Template and must be entered individually into the form for New Package #1 and New Package #2

This Template includes several advanced features:

  •       The Tag Sequence field can be used to select the Package Tag UID to assign to New Package #1 and to assign the next available Tag(s) to the remaining New Packages.
  •       The Mini-template can be used to indicate a content Package Tag UID(s) used to create multiple packages.  If the same quantity was used from the source package to create each of the new packages, the Quantity field in the Mini-template can be used in conjunction with the Package field.  Once the Package and, optionally, the Quantity are selected, clicking the plus button next to the Package field will add the Package and Quantity as a source package for each new package.  This process can be repeated for multiple source packages if applicable.
  •       When at least one content package is added to one of the new packages, the Quantity field dynamically displays above the Mini-template.  The Quantity field can be used to apply the same Quantity to each source package(s) being used to create the multiple packages.

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