Creating Onfleet Tasks from Transfers

Canix integrates with Onfleet to create tasks using information from Canix's sales orders and transfers. The following steps walk through connecting your OnFleet account and creating tasks from Canix. Note: Connecting your Onfleet account needs to be done per user following the instructions below.

On the Web Application:
  • To connect your Onfleet account, navigate to Admin > Integrations and select Onfleet
  • In another tab, navigate to Onfleet and select the gear icon in the top right of your screen
  • Select API & Webhooks
  • Select the + in the API Keys section to add a new user, or use an existing API key by clicking on that user and selecting Edit
  • Copy the API key
  • Paste the API key in Canix's Onfleet integration page and select the button Connect to Onfleet
To create OnFleet tasks from a transfer:
  • Select the Sales Order you would like to create a transfer and OnFleet task from under Sales > Sales Orders
  • Select Create Transfer in the bottom right of the Sales Order and fill out the following transfer information

  • Select Create Transfer once completed
  • Once the information on the following page looks correct, select Create Onfleet Task
  • Fill in the following Onfleet fields. Note: Canix will populate these fields for future tasks for this customer and driver until changed.
    • Enter a full address following the format below the Address field
    • Enter the vehicle color
    • Select the requirements that should be entered in the task
    • Select an Onfleet driver in the top right
  • Select Create once all fields are properly filled in. The confirmation screen will have a link to the Onfleet task created or you can select the transfer in the Sales Order to view the task in Onfleet again.

You've created an Onfleet task that can be viewed through the transfer on the Sales Order or in Onfleet to be further edited.

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