Creating a Batch from Clone or Seed (Mobile - Metrc)

Creating a Batch from Clone or Seed (Mobile - Metrc)


In the Mobile Application of Canix, you can Create Batches of Plantings from Clone or Seed, Mother, or a Package. This article outlines the keystrokes of Creating a Batch from Clone or Seed.

From the Mobile App:

  • Select, Plants > Create Plantings
  • Select, Plants > Create Plantings
  • Create Plantings From: Select, Clone or Seed

  • To Create Plantings complete all required fields: Enter or Scan a New Metrc Batch Tag, Select, Clone or Seed, Enter, Strain, Room, Number of Plantings, and Planted Date.


  • Batches can only be created in Batches of 100
  • "Is Mother Plant Batch?" Toggle is used only if one of the plantings in the batch will be a mother, not that it came from a mother.
  • Use the toggle after the Planted Date field to create more than one batch

  • Select, Create Plantings in METRC
  • "Are you sure you want to submit to Metrc?" pop up will appear. If everything is correct, Select, Submit (#of) Plantings of (Strain)
  • Creating Plant Batch in Metrc, and Select, Done once it has completed loading.
**You have Successfully Created a Plant Batch from Clone or Seed!!**

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