Bulk Package Unrooted Cuttings

Canix now offers the functionality to create bulk packages of unrooted cuttings. This was designed to help save you time and move through your processes more efficiently!

Note: This feature is currently only available to our California customers. If you believe this feature would be helpful to you, please contact our support team and let us know!


  • Navigate to Plants > Plant Batches > Active
  • Make your selection -- we suggest using the filters to narrow down your search
    • To select multiple sequential plant batches at once:
      • Make your first selection, then hold down the shift key, then select the last plant batch in the grouping
  • Click Actions (upper right) > Package Unrooted Cuttings
  • Fill out the Planting Summary and add Item type to the package (if it is not already pre-filled)
  • Click Submit
Package Unrooted Cuttings

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